Not Wordless Wednesday – Leeky Duck

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This is what I like to call an ok attempt. Also a test in working under pressure. Pan seared Duck Breast on Green beans with creme fraische, tomato tartar, frisee and Leek oil. I was cruising along in my dish, literally timing everything fantastic. Then chaos struck with the drains backing up so badly that we had to stop, cover our food and fridge it, and LEAVE. For an hour. In that hour I completely lost my mojo. And because people didn’t really feel like sharing thir 3 inch ring molds, my tomatoes look like crap. Then since we were being hustled to be done at the exact second I didn’t have time to make my frisee pretty. This folks is my downfall my time management. Sure the plate looks edible and it tasted incredible but I see faults so badly from this. I shall learn from this however!

And on a brighter note I present to you a video shot with my Motorola Xoom, No editing! This is Chef Ian teaching his 131 class how to flambé!

Chef Ian Diem teaches students how to flambe hog mauls.

Disclosure: I wrote this article as part of the agreement between myself and Verizon Wireless as part of the Midwest Moms Bloggers program. I was given a Xoom tablet and service on it to facilitate my reviews but all opinions are my own and not influenced by monetary compensation.

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      Thanks! I mean its becoming apparent I have OCD or perfectionist problems in my class but I have to learn right? And yes that cooking is chaotic, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chaos!

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      I dunno! But if I am taking some of the blames I should have had that as part of my mise en place which is the number one rule in cooking, everything you need in its place before you start.

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      I know right? I was shocked, I’d taken quick blurbs but assumed they would be mobile device quality but this one really did capture in HD. I may have to use that gadget more often for vids!

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      Oh I could eat duck at least once a week and be ok. Well that’s not true I don’t eat more than a few oz of meat a week so its got to be tasty! I will however retry this dish at home!

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      Yep, pig stomach! Its what we call Offal Meats day, basically the insides that are edible but not cooked often. Of course as chef mentioned in class, we will not starve when the apocalypse hits since we know how to cook that crap. My opinion? I didn’t like cooking offal (tripe) when it was my class because I was so sick that day, and this class I just visited and the smell didn’t make me want to repeat it. Not my favorite day. However the Mauls and Sweetbreads (veal, thymus gland) are the tastiest/edible of all the weird crap cooked in that class!

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      Oh my gosh it was so delicious! Mine is crispy crisp because I like it that way but aside from having cold tomato, the leek oil mixed in with everything really brought the tastes together. Very tasty!

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