Wordless Wednesday – Stink Eye

This is what happened when I asked him to stop playing for a second and look up to smile at the camera..

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  1. That’s a cute stink eye!

  2. that face is PRICELESS!

  3. LOL but oh so cute!

  4. Ha ha! Love it! His expression totally cracks me up! :)

  5. he has the most adorable facial expressions ;o) he is a keeper.

  6. BWAHAHA — I lurve it! My four year old has been doing the SAME thing lately … sheesh. You’d think she’s understand that I’m going to post her picture (either on the blog or facebook) regardless of how she looks … so she might as well smile!

    p.s. adore your new site — it is so vibrant!

  7. Such a cute stink eye at that!

  8. Quite a stink eye there, lol.

  9. Ha! We call it the same thing!!

  10. OMgoodness…how stinkin cute is he!

  11. LOL that is too cute!

  12. I think my youngest gave us that same face this morning!

  13. Haha!! Yep! He’s definitely annoyed with you for interrupting, lol!

  14. What a face!

  15. Love his face.
    Can I admit that I hate sand play time … it is impossible to get out of their hair!!

  16. Too funny! He looks so much like you! (Not the stink eye part….LOL)

  17. Oh my! He’s got it perfected! So funny!

  18. I’m loving the eyes!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  19. LOL Priceless!!

  20. Don’t you just love their little expressions. I am always taking photos of my son’s faces so I can show him when he gets older.

    Your son is so cute!

  21. :) Such a sweet little guy! And he’s wearing a really funny T-shirt! I love children… they just can’t pretend smiling if they don’t want to…they’re so honest…

  22. Carolyn G says:

    That looks more like the “hairy eyeball” to me! LOL So cute

  23. Hahaha! He’s so cute but I have to ask where he learnt this new ‘look’? LOL


  25. Adorable, he looks so much like you (not because of the stinkeye).

  26. Hehe, rascal :) At least the stink in his eyes is better than the stink coming out the other end!

  27. LMAO! Seriously thank you for posting that, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. That’s a priceless picture, too adorable.

  28. adorable. he means business! lol

  29. That is the cutest face!! haha!

  30. Awww, that’s cute. You shouldn’t interrupt his play time! lol

  31. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    What a very cute Stink Eye! I love it!

  32. LOL! SO cute!

  33. hahah this is an adorable picture.

  34. LOL! He does a cute mean mug!

  35. CUUUUTE!! I love when my kids give me the stinky stink eye!!

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