Capturing The World Through A Nine Year Old’s Eyes #BarbiePhotoFashion

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My daughter was never ever into Barbie. I longed for her to love dolls and babies and girly stuff but she is just a tomboy! But one day she heard about this Barbie that had a digital camera built in. Being the child of two tech geeks she actually wanted to play with this Barbie! Barbie Photo Fashion Doll is a unique doll that can not only take digital photos but also add cute frames to the photos, props and even play them as a slideshow. Your daughter can take photos of her entire day and turn them into a picture journal!

Our biggest day was picture day for school. It is always so hard to choose what to wear and how to wear your hair. Alyssa got ready and handed me her Barbie so we could snap a picture of her. I know she loves doggies so I added a little dog graphic to the side :)

Then it was Alyssa’s turn to snap photos and I did not tell her what to take photos of because I wanted to be surprised. Apparently she is a pretty good photographer because she got this shot of her little brother…

This shot of my stress ball toy…

And she must have handed the doll off again because I found this little bit of creativity!

The doll has a belt with three buttons on the front, the center takes the photo and chooses options, the other two scroll left and right through the options.

It was easy enough for not only my nine year old daughter to master quickly but her four year old brother learned how to work the buttons easily as well. On the Barbie’s back is the camera and under the belt in the back is the mini USB port (USB cord included) to hook her up to the computer, which is also how you charge it.

It is a pretty nifty doll if you ask me, and I can’t wait to share some more of Alyssa’s life in pictures with you!

Here is the information straight from Mattel:

Fashionista and photographer? See what happens when you play with Barbie! Always at the forefront of fashion, style and imaginative play, Barbie is now giving girls the opportunity to combine a passion for photography and fashion through a whole new lens.

Combining technology and fashion with a simple click, Barbie Photo Fashion doll is a Barbie doll and a digital camera with a graphic tee twist. Featuring a built-in, 0.3 megapixel camera in her back and an LED backlit screen as her t-shirt, the BarbiePhoto Fashion doll makes it easy for girls to point, click, shoot and edit their own photo-to-fashion statement.

After a photo is taken with Barbie Photo Fashion doll, it is instantly displayed on Barbie doll’s t-shirt. With the ability to add photo frames and effects, girls have endless possibilities for customizing new looks for Barbie!

A selection of Barbie- inspired images come preloaded on the doll to help spark creativity and inspiration. Using the pink USB cable that comes with the doll, girls can save the photos to their computer and further customize them with the Barbie Photo Fashion doll software.

Barbie Photo Fashion doll is compatible with both Mac and PC and is powered by an internal battery that can be recharged with the included pink USB cable. Doll has 4 MB of internal memory, and can store up to 200+ images.

ARP: $49.99 | Age: 6+

You can shop for this great Barbie on the Mattel site!


This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.

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