Lincoln MKS EcoBoost with Honeywell Turbo Technology Review

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I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few years. I have done some neat things and worked with so many great companies and PR Agencies. Recently, however, I was asked to do something I have been wanting to do since I began blogging…TEST DRIVE A CAR! The people at Honeywell, a US based company that makes products for a lot of technical products worldwide, asked me to test out the turbo in the Lincoln MKS EcoBoost. Before I share my thoughts, photos and videos, I want to show you exactly what a Honeywell Turbocharger is and what it does:
(In short, a turbo charger recycles some of the exhaust and pumps more air into the cylinders, meaning you still get the same performance but you use less gas to do it.)

The moment this beautiful red luxury machine showed up in my driveaway I was just in Awe. It really is a beautiful, stylish, sleek car. It looks nothing like the old Town Car that Lincoln used to make. This design to me screams younger crowd. The color was great, as you can see I am a fan of red!

I am not a car buff (yet) but my teenage son is a huge car buff. We let him start the car once. He was in heaven.

Some of the great features this car boasts:

  • Air Conditioned Front Seats – Heated Seats for all
  • Sync – sync it right to your phone
  • Push Button Start
  • Front and Rear parking sensors
  • Airbag Sensor – The front passenger seat detected that my youngest son (38 pounds) son did not weigh enough to be in the front and turned off the airbag. We were parked and I was photographing the car but I am glad safety is paramount in this car.
  • Voice Command
  • Extremely well made leather and wood interior, LUXURY!


The Lincoln MKS EcoBoost reports at around 25 mpg highway. We live in the country so we took the chance to actually test that, and we averaged 23 MPG, not bad, but we had some city miles too. The real test was the TURBO CHARGER. I really didn’t expect to experience what it really did. I knew that basically, when I hit the gas, there wasn’t going to be a slow increase in speed until I hit the speed limit.

I hit the pedal and that turbo and torque pushed me into my seat! It hit 60 mph in like 4 seconds. No joke. Never in a million years did I think that a LINCOLN luxury car would have so much POWER. I had both my husband and father-in-law test that acceleration as I did and they too were shocked! Now the neat thing about it is that even when I think hitting the gas that hard would eat a ton of gas (like it does in our stratus), it doesn’t, it maintained the fuel economy. I drove the car all over, from 60 miles to my doctor to several trips to the stores and to run errands and it still had 1/4 of a tank of gas left when they came to pick it up. That is pretty good fuel economy if you ask me.

“Typically, a turbocharged engine can improve fuel economy from 20 percent to 40 percent in gasoline and diesel engines respectively from the larger naturally-aspirated engines they replace.”

I think testing this car really taught me a lot about Honeywell and the turbo technology they created for these cars. Because of that technology, cars are getting 45 mpg highway WITHOUT being a hybrid.

Without further ado, I have photos of the car and some video that my husband shot as well. My gallery is there below where you can see all the photos but this one I wanted to point out. I searched the internet before the car came, to make sure our Britax car seat was compatible. I was worried about the LATCH anchor positions since he rides the middle. To my delight it was in plain sight, these symbols were in 6 areas telling me right where the child seat anchors were!

[miniflickr photoset_id=72157630658297886&sortby=date-posted-asc&per_page=50]

Conclusion – This car is fast, beautiful and has some decent gas mileage! It is so smooth to drive and the power is phenomenal. The fact that I am in Michigan and the Honeywell Turbo sector is in Michigan makes me proud to have been asked to test drive the technology and get the word out! The Lincoln MKS EcoBoost is not a cheap car, brand new they cost around $48k with some bells and whistles. But when the day comes and I can afford this type of luxury I am for sure getting a Lincoln!

Thank you Honeywell for having me test drive the car with Turbo Charge technology, it is amazing and all cars should have it!

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  1. Alexa B. says

    Candy – what an awesome chance to test drive this car! It looks really nice, and as always, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it.
    Keep up the good work dear!

    Lots of Luv!

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