Kushyfoot Sandals Review

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I can’t say I have ever needed to keep an extra pair of shoes in my purse. I don’t wear heels unless I am required too so there isn’t a need. But I do think it is cool that there is a company that has portable shoes that can roll up and fit in a purse. Kushyfoot is the company and they sent me a pair of Sandals in slate to review.


The sandals are extremely thin, it is like walking barefoot with a tiny bit of cushion. The style reminds me of Egyptian. They looked nice and felt nice but I think the sizing is large because though I wear a size 9, there was a lot of extra sole in front of my toes and after walking for more than a few minutes in them, that extra sole would get caught on the floor and fold under. I didn’t get to wear them long term but I can say this…

If I were at some event and had to wear heels for hours upon hours my feet would be killing me. I would definitely want to put on a pair of shoes that let my feet breathe and these shoes would fit the bill. They were not, for me, good for long distance walking but I think other styles that were closed toe might work better, or getting a smaller size. They look pretty snazzy in my opinion.

But It: Kushyfoot shoes are very affordable at only $9.99 for the Sandals. You can get them on the Kushyfoot website!

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