Can Zebras Be Cozy? Zoobies Zulu The Zebra Review

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Two years ago, my daughter had her first experience with Zoobies when she got to do a review of Hada the Hippo. What is a Zoobie? Its a cuddly pet, that transforms into a pillow, and can transform again into a blanket! She got the chance to love another pet this year and she chose Zulu the Zebra. My daughter loves all kinds of stuffed animals, she is a major animal lover.

About Zulu:

This funky striped zebra is sure to become your child’s favorite bedtime buddy, as not only is Zulu™ a super-cute zebra, but also a comfy pillow and extremely cozy blanket all in one. Perfect for road excursions or just cuddling in bed. Zulu™ also makes for the ideal baby shower gift.

When Zulu arrived she was already head over heels in love. The soft animal was cuddly and the blanket was nice and cozy. She very often sits in the chair with her blanket when she plays her pets video game. She carries Zulu everywhere in the house and he sits proudly on her bed.

I like these “pets” for her because they do three different things for her, not just a pillow, and since we live in the north, we can never have too many blankets so the fact that this has a blanket attached makes it my favorite too!

Buy It: You can find Zulu and a bunch of other wonderful cuddly pets at They also have other products like duffel dogs which are animal shaped duffel bags and  Slumber Pets which are pets attached to sleeping bags! Zulu retails for $29.99

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