We Survived The Scorching Summer with Nerf and Super Soaker!

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This is the hottest summer I can remember. Days upon days of temps in the 100′s. I couldn’t let me kids play in that kind of heat but when it dipped into the 90′s I shoved them outside and handed them some Super Soaker water blasters and a dart blaster!


Nerf Super Soaker Electro Storm- Aiden liked this, the smallest one so much he sort of claimed it! But in a way it is perfect for his bitty hands. On the real hot days he was known to pull the trigger and drink from it.

Super Soaker Tornado Strike – This one was claimed by big brother. He has reviewed many nerf guns so he definitely didn’t mind trying a super soaker. He tested all the guns and though they are pretty fun, the super soakers have one feature that is both good and bad; They are battery operated. Good because no pumping is required. Bad because if it doesn’t have batteries it can’t be used at all.

Nerf Dart Tag SPEEDSWARM Blaster – The dart blaster is a favorite though, the barrel spins and the darts come out as multi-fire. Aiden also really loved this one. I think he is like his big brother and already starting to love all things Nerf!

Buy It: You can buy the Super Soakers and Dart Blaster at stores nationwide, and on amazon.com!

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