My Pens Are On Lockdown With Paper Mate!

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It really is no laughing matter. Do you know how many pens are stolen on a daily basis. Oops I forgot to hand the pen back to the bank after signing the check…. sound familiar? For me it’s doubly bad because I collect pens, the more interesting the better. I don’t steal them I buy them. My KIDS help themselves to my pens all the time and I hate it. I keep my best writing pens close to me because I have to take a lot of notes at college and don’t want my good pens disappearing.

Paper Mate wanted to help me and others like me out by helping me set up a pen theft crime watch. They want me to keep my new InkJoy pens safe so they sent me…a safe! A high tech fingerprint only safe to keep my pens safe. I knew my little thieves would try to swipe them, so I caught them in the act!

When you value your pens like me, keeping them safe is a must! I love my InkJoy pens because they write so easily and now they are safe from grabby hands!

Buy It: Get your InkJoy pens from mass merchandisers like Target and!

Paper Mate provided me materials to facilitate this review and video, all opinions are my own. No actors were harmed in this hilarious video.

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  1. Bwahahaha I loved loved the video!!

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