Step2 Kangaroo Climber Review

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I love Step2 products. As a test drive mom I am lucky to be able to review a couple items from them with my youngest. This time we got the Kangaroo Climber which is sort of a climber and slide. This is for ages 3-5. My son is 3.5 years old,  and 42 inches tall. He is a tall kid!

I’d had reservations about reviewing this because I felt already that my son was too big. I gave it a chance however knowing there is a little guy a year younger than him that we could pass it on to if it turned out to be too small.

Once again my FAVORITE thing about putting Step2 items together is that they have very few screws! I can’t tell you how maddening it is having kids plastic play items that have 50 zillion screws! This one literally only had two, the ones needed for the shelf before the slide. It was up soon and my son was playing on it. As expected the structure was sturdy, something that makes me glad to be working with Step2, the products they offer are sturdy! He was too big to really climb on it or through the holes and had to duck under the door frame. He also had to duck under the opening to the slide.

Does he care? Nope he still plays on it and doesn’t care that he is too big for it!

This toy isn’t the right size for my child, which is why I listed his height above, but the fact is its a GREAT TOY because I know for certain normal height preschoolers and kids younger than him would have a blast and can play with the side climber(he couldn’t it made the structure tip) and fit through the holes and the slide would be more fun as well. he still like to go up and hit the slide sometimes but I think he knows its small for him. No worries though he has a little friend that we’ll take it too that can use it :)

Buy It: The Kangaroo climber is available nationwide at retailers such as Toys R Us and Amazon and retails for $125.99. A word of advice: if your child is 38 inches tall or higher I would not suggest this climber they will grow ot of it too fast, this one in my honest opinion is best suited for smaller children.


Disclosure: I was provided a sample for this review as part of the Step2 Test Drive Mom program. All opinions are my own.

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