Mealtime Made Faster With Wolfgang Puck’s Pressure Oven

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cook-photoI have cooked food with just about every method there is; open fire, propane grill, electric, natural gas, microwave (ew) induction, convection, and now pressure cooking. I was asked to try the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven and had no problem saying YES. When it arrived I squealed at the box, giddy with excitement!


This oven is different from a toaster oven. This oven uses pressure to infuse flavor and cook in half the time. I decided the best test for this oven would be roast beef because we cook it at least once a week here.

1187222_10201370333732089_1638090549_n raost in pressure oven

This oven claimed to cook a roast in 50 minutes, leaving you with a juicy, mouth watering roast that is cooked just right. Me? I was used to my father in law using an ELECTRIC SKILLET to cook a roast WAY too fast and it is dry and tough. So imagine my delight when I pulled this roast out, let it rest, and then sliced…it was like buttah…

roast and taters serendipity mommy

I think the thing I like about this method of cooking is that the food actually tastes like it is supposed to, without adding a million spices. Salt and pepper and maybe some fresh thyme and half a lemon is all I needed for my whole rotisserie chicken to turn out amazing…minimal cooking with maximum flavor. Yes I said that right, the machine also does ROTISSERIE!! I have made both chicken and roast on the “tis” and they were AMAZING and moist. I let the meat juices drip onto the cooking vegetables below. Because there is still 1 PPSI of pressure, the entire inside of the oven maintains the same temperature so there are no cold spots. You don’t have to use the pressure mode either, it has a regular mode that will broil, bake, rotisserie etc. too, it just takes longer.

How it Works

As a chef I love that the results are flavorful, moist and delicious. As a MOM, I love that I can cook a meal that usually takes hours, into less than one hour. This oven even cooks a smaller turkey! How cool would it be to chop 4 hours off the cooking time on Thanksgiving? We don’t ever buy jumbo turkey because we have one person allergic and 2 more adults that eat very little meat, so we can get away with a 10 pound turkey feeding everyone with minimal leftovers. I am FOR SURE cooking my turkey in this oven this year and I will get to use my regular oven for the many sides that I make. I love Thanksgiving, it really is my time to shine as a cook!

Bottom Line: This counter top sized oven takes up little room but can cook full sized meals in 1/2 the time but with all the flavor. This oven is perfect for smaller kitchens and can replace a full size oven if needed, and it does not heat up a room, which was my biggest fear. In a world where everyone wants everything faster, this little oven packs a powerful impact when it comes to home made meals made FAST.

Pros: Size, ease of use, cooks food fast without sacrificing flavor.

Cons: The pressure dial sometimes doesn’t seal so you have to put it back in for 10 minutes. That could be user error, I am known not to be flaky. Also the price is a bit up there at $299.99. I know a lot of people would say the price is astronomical but it really does replace a lot of what a full size oven does. It is quality over quantity on this one I think.

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  1. says

    This pressure oven looks amazing and I guess it will work well on veggie dishes too. I am not sure if the brand is readily available here in the UK. It would suit me very well for our summer cottage which has a small kitchen but we often entertain. Thanks for the great information.

  2. says

    This reminds me of our NuWave Oven we have. It just looks more like a little oven. Since I’m use to actually cooking in an oven I think I’d like the Wolfgang Pucks Pressure Oven more. My husband LOVES using the NuWave Oven though, and when he’s off he’ll cook for us using it. So, it’s nice in that regard because it keeps me from having to cook.
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    • Robin says

      I have a NuWave Invection oven and I love it too. But sometimes you just need something more oven like. I use that and my pressure cooker every weekend. This would be my third toy and I can thorow out the old clunker of a stove and just get a deep bookcase! Time is everything around our house.

  3. Chris says

    It really looks awesome. Suddenly, I’m hungry, and i just ate 20 minutes ago.:)) The pressure oven seems to be an efficient piece.

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