SOL REPUBLIC DECK Wireless Speaker


This slim looking portable speaker from SOL Republic comes in four colors, for any personality or situation. Gunmetal works great for the home office or any living room. Lemon Lime will probably be a favorite for those that want to take this to the beach or other outdoor fun spots, should be easy to locate and keep an eye on. Electro Blue has a very next gen/tech look to it or you may take into consideration colors that bring out the hair or eye color of the person you are shopping for (or yourself). Vivid Red can also look a lot like a “hot rodded gaming laptop speaker replacement” or fashionable to carry around. All of the colors are very ambiguous, but I chose Gunmetal to match most every other tech item and speaker I’ve ever had. Speaking of, it is an easy transition for the audiophile who has had everything and is not easily impressed.I’ve have had top of the line Sennheiser HD600 monitoring headphones with an amazing range for mixing audio, as well as Studiophile monitoring speakers and I have had a hard time going back to other generic consumer audio products.


The SOL Republic Deck is certainly hyped a bit in the high end and missing some beef in the low end, but I have to be honest here and say that I can NOT stop listening to music through them. Music is very crisp, clear, and downright amazing sounding through this little speaker at low levels, and great cranked up to the max also. They project well no matter where they are in the room. I don’t think you will ever have any trouble with muffled sound again, or competing with other noises. They will cut through the air.


You would think there would be trouble creating a stereo field, but everything comes out perfectly and because there is no need for two speakers, it’s a real space and time saver to set up at multiple destinations on the go.


This is not my first Bluetooth device, but I have generally only used headsets for phone calls or gaming. I paired the Deck Wireless Speaker up with Android, iPhone, and Windows phones, as well as an ASUS gaming laptop. All worked fine. Interestingly enough, we had an ice storm that knocked the power out and I quickly learned to love the fact that the Deck was fully prepared to survive and I could keep listening to iTunes and my Amazon MP3 collection as I looked around for flashlights and things to survive and not have to settle for dead quiet.

iPhone BluetoothBluetooth Shortcuts on Windows 2iPhone Amazon Player

Since I record my own music, I also went the extra mile in testing and put my own audio through the test. Listening to commercial recordings, then my own…I noticed I needed to make some adjustments and that’s when I noticed the brilliance of these speakers. Whenever I can hear something I’ve never heard before and match frequencies with a decent set of speakers or cans, I am in audio Heaven. I wouldn’t say to mix with these, but testing your mix against a commercial recording is a must.


Because of the size, the Deck makes a great laptop audio replacement but can be so much more. It is the boom box of post 2010 and beyond. I would have never imagined speakers could get slimmer and sound better, but here is the proof. And connecting wirelessly is the icing on the cake (you can also connect via 1/8″ audio cable, same way you would to PC speakers). The manual covers everything you need to know, but I’ve made a quick clip on setting up the Deck on a Bluetooth enabled laptop in Windows 7.

You can also use this as a speakerphone, which could work great for conferences or being able to continue working and doing other things while being put on hold. No need to run to pause your music, the speaker will cut it out automatically as you handle your call.

One thing I didn’t catch at first in the manual is that the M on the front handles an EQ so that you have an indoor ad outdoor setting. The outdoor setting compensates for using a louder volume at a distance so that the ears will hear the same thing as they did before indoors. Now that I know this, I can hear that the indoor setting does have ample bass in comparison to the outdoor setting. I would imagine you could also use the outdoor setting at parties with a lot of chatter going on.


I am not sure if you can get the flashing colored light show to play to music, but that would be a great feature to have. I think it only does that when connecting and informing you of changes, which it will play a sound and talk to you so there is no confusion as to exactly why it is flashing.


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  1. I love the indoor/outdoor setting that many speakers lack. It could use some improvement but think it does a pretty good job. Overall, I am impressed with the crispness this speaker can put out!

    Nice review!

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