Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speaker Review #MC #SoundSpot

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

Being married to a man who went to school for audio engineering, I am no stranger to what good sound should sound like. Sadly, that sound just can’t be attained with my crappy laptop speakers can’t hack it and that just leaves me with headphones for my phone. I had the opportunity to try a new (to me) way of enjoying music, through Bluetooth technology using the amazing Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speakers. Here is his review  - Candace

Soundfreaq Bluetooth Speakers

Don’t let the small 6 inch size fool you, these pack a powerful punch. The most astoundingly surprising finding was how much bass these babies crank out. Bass that goes nearly undetected through a laptop speaker and in cheaper headphones. I was amazed that the size of these speakers produced a sound so rich it filled the room. Completely amazing.

You can use your smart phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices and your favorite apps to stream the music through the speakers. If you have more than one speaker, you can use the provided link cable to hook them together, making them true right/left speakers. You can also directly plug your computer/laptop to the speaker directly using headphone ports and using the line in hole on the back of the speaker. I did this to play my iTunes library from my laptop since I haven’t owned an apple device in years. I can’t believe how great the music sounds from these two speakers.

They charge via USB and in my experience, they charge fast and hold the charge for quite a while. You can control the music by phone or by the sleek touch buttons.

Soundfreaq Speaker

They are designed to match your decor, with a sleek black design and faux wood type design. I don’t have any home decor design in my house so they didn’t really need to fit in, but if I was to choose I would choose the black one since it is a little easier to hide in a dark corner.

Pros: Cost …only $69.99 for a powerful, portable speaker …Size, just right for portability without sacrificing sound.. SOUND, it is full and not chinzy at all

Cons: The ONLY con for me is that you have to have a physical connection to play through two speakers, meaning I can’t buy a speaker for every room in my house.

Buy It: You can get your freaq on and buy your Soundfreaq Sound Spot speaker on Amazon!

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    Some people likes to spent time more at backyard , beaches and outdoor . The blue tooth speakers are perfect for them to enjoy at any where . Ii is easy to use or carry . The style is also that make you uniques . Some products are shown above and the last one i like most with the wooden touch .

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