Keep It Clean! Camera Cleaning at Best Buy #GeekSquad

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This picture was taken almost exactly three years ago (What is up with the stringy hair?). I was entering my second semester at college and just upgraded my camera to a Nikon D90. I was looking forward to the photography class I signed up for and so happy to have a more professional model camera to expand with. I bought my Nikon right at the Best Buy store.

I have had to take this camera in twice before, once for cleaning, and another time because I accidentally broke the door that opens to the SD card slot. They cleaned it then too. Well I was bad and skipped a year for maintenance and cleaning and finally it caught up to me with dust on my photos. It wasn’t bad or anything in fact most people wouldn’t notice but I didn’t want to Photoshop all the time so I took her into Best Buy for a cleaning. It was my third device I got tech support for with my Geek Squad device protection. I work so much with computers and photos so having my laptop, desktop, and camera be the devices to get fixed whenever I need them to be makes me feel so much better! I have a cool Geek Squad Service card as part of my protection plan that has a unique bar code that they scanned at the service desk and all my information was there, including my Nikon information since I did buy it there. Hello time saver!

As per the usual Nikon rules (my manufacture warranty expired after 2 years), cameras have to be sent out for service and I knew that from having had prior cleanings. I made sure I dropped it off on a Monday and they took it right in and it was back in TWO days ready for me. I took a swing by the store on my way home from class since it is on the way and picked it up. I think I loved how FAST it came back. I probably think it was fast because the last time it was gone, it was more like a week since they fixed the door to the SD card. I don’t care I was just glad to have it back because it is part of my livelihood! And for your PSA for the day, you should have your DSLR cleaned yearly! :)


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      Doh!! If you are good about using your cleaning tools it isn’t imperative I think..but my camera sits sometimes and i have no idea where my tools are at this time lol

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