I’m Having An Affair With A Galaxy Note 3

It started innocently enough. Verizon has been having me test out devices for months but this time I didn’t have a clue which device was headed my way. I knew it was probably one of the big screen phones I discussed with my man, “AL”. I opened the package and saw that wooden box with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shining at me and said “SWEET!” It’s my catchphrase. What can I say, I am forever a teenager.

When I held the phone for the first time, there was a sensation that zipped through me. Like I had my hands on something that would change my life. With it’s sleek leather back and big shiny screen, I couldn’t wait to power it up. I didn’t know then that I would be starting something that I couldn’t stop.


The lure of the speed, the way I fell into the large size like a helpless kitten. The completely irresistible way the vivid colors would catch me staring at the screen longer than I should have. I should have known by then, that I was already falling in love.

Here is a wallpaper screenshot


My actual screen, featuring the Dodol launcher

Then something happened. I didn’t plan for it, the uncontrollable pull inside of me to reach inside and explore that beautiful S Pen. The amazing way it smoothly captured my handwriting and turned it into text. I even took it with me to a meeting and used it to take notes, something I never would have done on my smaller, less powerful phone.


And then it happened. Overcome with excitement already, I hit tech nirvana when I discovered that the Note 3 supports multi-screen, meaning I could read email and check social media at the same time and resize each screen to my liking effortlessly.


I knew that eventually my affair would be discovered. My highly intelligent 5 year old noticed me using the S Pen one day and that was it. I was caught. H figured out how to use the pen to write directly on the screen (You have to actually press a small button and choose the right function from the popup menu, not something a normal 5 year old figures out) and then he got to work asking me to download some coloring and drawing apps for him to use. I obliged, because he is in Kindergarten, is now reading and doing math, and also because I figured if I let him play on it once in a while, my affair wouldn’t be so bad.


The versatility of this device goes beyond any device I have tried so far. It really is the perfect marriage of a phone and tablet. At first it seems large but I got used to it. I never used a smart phone one handed anyway so the fact that I need two hands to type or write doesn’t bother me. Battery life is actually better than my current phone, an HTC 8X Windows Phone.


In my hand


Sadly, I have to say goodbye to this love. I know that I can find joy again, in the next device that Verizon sends me, but this device will forever be in my heart. And this is the device I will be choosing when I decide to re-up on a contract. PHENOMENAL. Available currently for $299 with 2 year contract at Verizon.

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      When I first opened the box I was like WHOA its huge but then I realized it isn’t that much bigger than my first smart phones like the Bionic and the LG Spectrum. I loooooove a big screen.

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