Staying In Touch With My HTC Windows 8X Phone #htc8 #Troop8X

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This past Thursday I got the coolest piece of tech in my hands, the Windows 8X Phone from HTC. Having been a smart phone user for a little over a year, I get ecstatic when an opportunity comes along to try a new phone. I was not prepared in the slightest for how amazingly awesome this phone was. I was a good girl and fully charged it prior to turning it on. I am a Verizon user, and my previous phone had a sim card that was larger than the micro sim card in the Windows phone. So after trying to Google what to do and asking my friends online I just called customer service and they transferred my number to the new phone. Problem solved!

Windows 8 Phone HTC

I just love seeing my photo on there, as if to say, I am no ordinary phone, I am CANDY’S phone!

I think the one thing that I noticed, aside from the eye catching live tiles, was the addition of the “People” tile. This tile cycles through my contacts both in my phone and my friends and family on Facebook. The absolute best thing ever, the ability to merge contact information. In the contacts section, you can download contacts from your online backup and link to Facebook. The cool thing is, if your phone contact info is missing pieces, such as the contact’s photo and all information, you can use the information that they share on Facebook to fill in the blanks! I did this with my mom, since I needed her home phone and wanted a photo of her. And the ability to send a group text is great because I will be sending a lot of 10th birthday invites out soon!

Here is the people tile on my phone:


The interface for pulling up my contacts is so slick I just love it, seeing all my friends and families faces and with just a tap I am connecting with them, I love it! My own husband pretty much told me if he didn’t have his current i-device that he would want my phone because the camera is amazing. Soon I will show you how much better it is than my old phone! I haven’t had the phone for long so I can’t say what apps are stellar but I will say the one app that keeps me connected to my hubby is the KIK Messenger. I used the android version of this before exclusively to keep in contact with him. I big puffy heart my husband :)

So now you know a few things that I love about my new Windows 8X phone as it keeps me connected. I will be sharing tons more as I learn how to use this beautiful piece of tech! But until then, I have a question for you..

Do you have any special plans for an upcoming birthday party or get together? I can’t wait to share our party plans for my daughter’s 10th birthday!


Disclosure:  I received a Windows 8X by HTC through Social Chorus to test drive and share my experiences. #Troop8X #HTC8

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