The Google TV Now Has Honeycomb 3.2

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In our house, it seems to be that the TV, computer, and someone’s smartphone is going at all times. You need one to watch your favorite shows and another to browse the internet and another to utilize time saving apps. But what if you could have all of those features in one place? Now you can.

Recently, Google TVs just got an upgrade to Honeycomb 3.2 – which means that GoogleTV owners, and those planning on buying one, will now have access to an easier to use interface, great browsing, and the Android App market. That’s right. Those apps that you can get on your Android phone can now be downloaded and used on your computer.

Can you see your TV from the kitchen? If so, you can download the free AllRecipes App and use it while you cook dinner. Want to browse the internet while watching your favorite show? No problem. You can pull up the TVs second screen and browse for anything from wedding bands for men to the best shopping deals this weekend without having to open your laptop or miss a minute of your favorite TV show.

Even better is the new viewing experience offered by the Google TV. Do you hate it when your husband scrolls through show after show trying to find something interesting to watch? Now, all he has to do is enter something that interests him in to the browser like “football” or “action movies,” and the TV will show you watch is on cable, Dish, and Netflix so that you can quickly select that which most interest you. This is also a great feature for families to use during Family Movie Night.

Furthermore, the update makes the TV an excellent educational tool for kids. Want to help your kids with their homework in a fun way? Put them in front of the TV and you can look up YouTube videos, the Khan Academy, and Wikipedia for supplemental materials that will help your kids complete homework and better understand lessons.

The new updates made to the Sony Google TV literally make it look like a giant Android tablet. Even better is that you can sync up all of your devices using Honeycomb which means that you can control your phone from your TV or your TV from your tablet.

Computers and TVs are beginning to offer more and more similar features, so it only makes sense to purchase an internet capable TV the next time you decide to upgrade. This way you won’t be crouching around the laptop to watch the latest release on Netflix or to catch that TV show you missed on Hulu, and you’ll actually be able to use your TV for reasons other than wasting an entire afternoon vegging.



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  1. NameWes says

    I think we should see more of these Internet TV being produced by more manufacturers in the future. As more people want to have access to both TV and internet in their living room and bedroom. It makes sense and it is more convenient too.

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