Exploring Pigeon Forge, Dolly Style #Brandcation

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Brandcation Blog Cabin had a central theme, southern hospitality. We stayed at cabins in Pigeon Forge and attended events and dinners in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. But we knew before we came that this trip was going to be a devotion to Dolly Parton, who is just amazing and I hope to go back to the area next year when she might be there in person!

When we arrived to the wonderful cabin where we would be staying for three days, we knew that for dinner we would be taking in a lovely show at Dixie Stampede, a dinner show featuring a rodeo like show. The meal I chose was vegetarian with pasta and vegetables.

Dixie Stampede has Dolly written all over it, from the friendly atmosphere to the entertainment aspect, which is most definitely Dolly Parton, wanting to show the folks a good time! We had fun watching the show and even got our photos taken!

On day two of  Brandcation, were were delighted to be invited to Dollywood, a theme park that I have wanted to visit since I was a kid! Every summer I would visit my bio-dad in Alabama and we had to drive by the Dollywood signs, and every year I had a glimmer of hope we would visit but we never did. You can imagine my excitement when learning we would be visiting. Not only would we visit but we were also asked by the park and Discovery Channel if they could video us on the new coaster, Wild Eagle, for a show! It was neat!

image courtesy Leah from Goddess In The House

I would have to say there was one place, besides that roller coaster that I rode FIVE TIMES, that I loved and that was this area of the park that is straight out of the past.

Myself and Tanya from Mommy Goggles

It was here that we actually took in a theater show that was all music but it spanned the circuit of time with having songs from every decade, starting in the 50′s. It was really neat and I for one was singing to every single song. I am a HUGE oldies fan and this part of the park was made just for me!

Dollywood is also very beautiful, it is landscaped to make you feel like you are in the back yard in the country, with the water mills and so so many trees. And music everywhere! We were delighted to have lunch at the restaurant called Ham and Beans. I had the vegetarian dish again but this place offered southern food that smelled amazing. The blackberry cobbler dessert was amazing!

Of course I did a little shopping, my favorite article being matching engraved stainless steel rings for me and my hubby…

Image courtesy of Tanya – www.mommygoggles.com

and I got a cute stuffed horse from the gift shop as well. I went into the park with my dear friend Tanya (Mommy Goggles) and also my new friend Leah (Goddess In The House) and we had so much fun exploring. And being silly


After Dollywood we took in another amazing show, the Lumberjack Feud. Two families pitted against each other to take possession of the mountain. Real logging action and it was fantastic and super super funny. This was a good show for every age but is aimed for the men because of the manly use of chainsaws and lack of girly frilly-ness. So dads can go to this show and actually like it! I laughed through the whole thing!

And during one segment a man proposed to his wife for their 20th anniversary it was so sweet!

All in all, Dolly Parton had some good ideas for entertainment in Pigeon Forge, It was simply amazing seeing what her and her team created for the many MANY tourists to enjoy!

Image courtesy of Brandy from Loudmouth Photography


Thank you so much to Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, and Lumberjack Feud for hosting the Brandcation attendees at your establishment!

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