Flying High with ClimbWorks Ziplining!

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If there was ever an award for the greatest and most FUNNY adventure that award would definitely go to ClimbWorks Ziplining in Gatlinburg, TN. I was there just a week ago during Brandcation #4 that I was taking leaps of faith and racing through the trees on a fun and humor filled adventure. This was my third time going ziplining, I went before in Kissimmee FL and in Pensacola, FL at the two previous Brandcations I had been too. But this one was different, it was a complete immersion experience.

Along with the obvious super awesome FUN of zipping, our guides, Seth and Zack, kept us rolling in laughter, as did the 4 gentlemen that joined us, all from Nashville. We learned about the trees and learned even more about the way THIS company is different from the others. First and foremost, they care about the trees! They have a system that acts sort of like a steel rod in a spine, to hold the platforms and lines. Other companies just have the line looped around the tree and that method will eventually kill the tree. They also have a patented braking system that the company invented. Previously I had to grab the line(which left blisters) and the time before that we were “caught”. We also had bars to hang onto the whole time so there was no wondering where to put my hands.

Image courtesy of Toni,

Aside from the chilly rain, I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday afternoon. I love ziplining so much and have literally no fear so this adventure was amazing! i got to zip with my fellow bloggers, Paula, Mellisa and Toni!

Check out the video I took with my helmet cam!


THANK YOU SO MUCH ClimbWorks for inviting myself and the other bloggers at Brandcation to have an adventure with you! IT WAS A BLAST!

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