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Of all the things I have photographed, animals have held my heart, especially the ones at the zoo. My photographic dream is an African safari with Nikon. Capturing these beautiful creatures in the wild! But until then I am happy that I can enjoy the family of animals at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI. I had the pleasure of making a visit to the zoo for the first time this week and it was great. Jake Pechtel was in charge of taking us through the gate and telling us a little about the zoo. Jake is a real nice guy, a little quiet but you could tell he was excited to have the editor of Serendipity Mommy there to do a review of the zoo. He gave us maps and let us know where to find him and set us free :)

Llama stare

There were kids there doing school trips and I wanted to avoid them (noise) so we headed for the camels and Llamas first. The Camels were being lazy but they were HUGE. Then the Llamas. this was interesting. My son was having a stare down with one of them. It was hilarious!

As we continued on we came to the Wings Down Under birds exhibit. You actually walk into a birdcage the size of a house and the birds fly all around you! I was scared at the thought of getting pooped on but I didn’t and I got mesmerized by the birds!

bird 1bird 2

bird 3 bird 4

We made our way around the zoo very easily using the signs and the maps. We could clearly see where the bathrooms were which is good when you have kids! I know my family has its favorite animals and we got to see them all at Potter Park Zoo!

I loved the Meerkats!


Greg Loves the Wolves


Colton loves Penguins!

penguin 1

Alyssa loved the camel, she had a ride! (Only $4 per person)


And Aiden? Well he didn’t have a favorite but we’ll pretend it was the baby Longhorn Sheep!

baby sheep 2

The mammals weren’t putting on their best show, the tiger and male lion were napping by the time we got to them. I think a lot of them had just ate and were having a nap, like the Red Panda. We still got to see a ton of animals. We didn’t get to see the reptiles and amphibians, we needed to get going as Aiden had completely skipped his nap and he hadn’t been feeling good prior to that anyway. I think if you are a regular visitor that isn’t taking 50 pictures of every animal that you can get through this zoo in as little as 3 hours. We didn’t see everything in the 3 hours we were there but I was taking video and photos. I would like to spend a lot longer at the zoo and will probably get a sitter for Aiden since he was too young to really appreciate the zoo. He was stroller bound since he would have been running around so he didn’t see all that much but we got him out of the stroller a few times to see the neat stuff.

If I could go again I would bring the tripod and be there first thing in the morning with just me and Greg so we could really get a proper photo and video day from all the animals. I would aim for the least busy day too so I am not holding anyone up with my photos. There weren’t a lot of people at the zoo this day but still I’d hate to mess up anyones visit with being in the way.

The staff were all very nice and they were working hard keeping the zoo clean. And it was very clean. There is an area almost hidden that is called the Memorial Baby Garden and it was absolutely beautiful. It had a gorgeous gazebo looking over the water and it was an extremely peaceful spot. If you go to the zoo you have to go visit this section. Just beautiful. I took a moment to get a picture of my family there..

mi familia

Potter Park zoo is open all year round! Its located at 1301 S. Pennysylvania in Lansing, right off I-496 , Exit #7. You can’t miss the sign, its located right directly after the overpass, on the left. Email me if you need more info :)

It costs $4 for non county residents to park and $2 for Ingham County residents. Admissions are

Resident $4
Non-Resident $10
Resident Senior $3
Non-Resident Senior $8
All Children(ages 3-16) $2
All Children under 3 FREE

The hours are April 1 through October 31 – 9:00AM to 6:00PM. November 1 through March 31 – 10:00AM to 4:00PM. They have snack bars so you can grab a bite when you are in there. You can get more information about Potter Park Zoo by visiting their awesome website, PotterParkZoo.org and by going to their Facebook page! You can see my entire photo album for this visit by clicking below!

Peacock 1

Thank You Potter Park Zoo for having my family to your zoo!

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  1. Love those pictures! And those are such reasonable prices. I love that your zoo offers camel rides, that is one thing that would make my zoo rock! I’d love to see some meerkats, that is a great picture of one. Here in KS we have tons of prairie dogs so that is what we have in our zoo :)

  2. Julie L says:

    Oh my,I have been to Potter’s Park but it was eons ago when I went on a class trip with my son.Awesome px-I need to go back and visit :)-I don’t live that far from it

  3. The zoo looks amazing! I love the pictures and the video. If I am ever in the area, this is a must see for us!

  4. Wow – this really threw me to see a post about a place so close to me, where I’ve been a thousand times. I live in a tiny town about 30 minutes south of lansing. :)

    • We must live really close to each other because that’s right where I would describe where I live and my town starts with a “V”!

  5. Those pictures are amazing and those are good prices for a Zoo! We pay out the neck for ours. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!!!

    • Thanks Brittany! There is a larger zoo about the same distance from us and I am thinking the prices are probably higher, but I loved the intimacy of this small zoo. You ca barely breathe in the big ones!

      I think they should raise their prices but maybe they are waiting to expand…they are getting a Rhino! If they added elephants and some Giraffe I would be a very happy visitor!

  6. Great pitures, but what really struck me is just how well kept that zoo is.

    I used tolove goingto the zoo as a small child, but as I began to understand theplight of the animals I got very uneasy about them.

    But, judging by your pictures things have move on in the last 30 years. You’ve inspired meto take another look.

    We’re off to the Agarve in Portugal next month and their zoo looks amazing – can’t wait to see the monkey islands.

    Thanks forthe inspiration.


  7. Awesome pictures! I am jealous! At the Portland, Oregon Zoo, the animals NEVER come out like that! So, we always have to search for them. Looks like you all had a blast :)

  8. I know how you feel about taking pictures of animals .. they are my favorite “models” as well. I used to take my kids to the zoo a lot when we lived in Hawaii, but since we moved to Texas last year, it’s always too hot during the summer when the kids are out of school. It looks like the zoo weather is a bit more tolerable there in Michigan. :-)

  9. Wow, I haven’t been to Potter park since i was in grade school. Now I take me kids to John Ball Zoo in GR.

    Looks like the your family had a great time.

  10. Hello. I am passing along the SUNSHINE AWARD to you. Please visit http://mommiesandbeyond.com to accept your award. I love your blog. It looks like the zoo was fun!

  11. We just went to the zoo last weekend, and had an amazing time! Your pictures are awesome! I can’t believe the prices are so low, that is great!

  12. Visiting the zoo is always a nice family adventure. Love the pics

  13. I love your Zoo pictures. I have never been to the Lansing Zoo. I moved to Michigan a few years ago and I think that I will place this on my TO-SEE in Michigan sites.

    If you are not already familiar with the Made in Michigan Blog Hop, I would love to invite you to join this great group @https://www.facebook.com/groups/108815579222889/

    I would also love to have you visit me @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com

    Wishing you Happy Holidays!

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