My Name is Candace and I am a Titaniac #Brandcation

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One of the first things that got me completely excited to go to Brandcation 4 was the announcement that we would be visiting the Titanic Museum in pigeon Forge. Now I know most of you wouldn’t think about that twice but something you don’t know about me is that I am a huge Titanic history buff. I am that person that watches every single horrible made for tv show about it. I am that person that was in the theater when the movie came out. I LOVE ALL THINGS TITANIC. So being invited to breakfast and getting the esteemed pleasure of hearing the  Mary Kellogg-Joslyn who is the co-owner of the Titanic Museum with her husband, John Joslyn speak about how to be a mom and be successful was just amazing. Mary’s husband was actually part of the expedition in the 80′s that found the Titanic on the bottom of the ocean! I also had an AMAZING breakfast, I mean AMAZING, best french toast I have ever had! We were given really nice titanic monopoly games and desk planners and information. But there was something most of us had that wasn’t given to us.

Mary and Erin with some of our Bloggers

You see, Titanic isn’t about some crazy love story on a movie, the story of Titanic is the people. We bloggers walking the museum and learning about the people of Titanic was honoring those passengers that lost their lives. In every single room they have, every single one, I was crying. I cried the most in a particular room, the room with all the photos. As a photographer it hits my heart but knowing that the if it weren’t for Reverend John Harper, there wouldn’t be any photos of Titanic because HE took them all. And also there was a special case that housed the camera he used and next to it was the first instance printed on paper of a restaurant manager using A’ La Carte. I started bawling because Food and Photography were right next to each other in that same case and that is my life, I felt connected deeply and overcome with emotion.

Grand Staircase replica; image courtesy Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge

The museum held genuine artifacts from the actual ship. In particular, a life jacket. See we were given boarding passes upon entering and on the back was the name of a passenger that actually rode on the ship. You learn about the person on the memorial wall at the end. That wall will make most people cry at the sheer numbers of crew and 3rd class passengers that lost their life that night, compared to 2nd and first class. I felt so sad for them.


My friend Tanya was actually given a pass with Madeleine Astor, the very very young pregnant wife of John Jacob Astor who perished. Madeleine was said to have kept the life jacket on for weeks and only took it off because her doctor forced her to as she was growing heavily pregnant. I KNEW my friend was emotional over this her voice was trembling. That was the only life jacket in the whole exibit!


When it was all over I stopped in the shop for souvenirs for the kiddos and me, I got a Captain Smith Beanie Bear. Whilst waiting for everyone to wander out I asked them what they thought. The group as a whole, I believe, went into this thinking it would be neat, but I don’t think many of them were prepared for what an emotional experience it would be. Even being such a major fan I had no idea I would be so emotional. I think being that close to things these people had the day the ship sank and being immersed in interactive displays just made it really intense. For instance they had the iceberg room with a giant berg that you could feel and then they had water cooled to the same degree the water was that night in 1912. They had made the room dark too to replicate that night it was surreal.

Image Courtesy Titanic museum Pigeon Forge


I would say if you are heading to Pigeon Forge, and you have any interest at all in the history of the RMS Titanic, you simply MUST visit the Titanic Museum. You can’t take photos inside but honestly it would have been a distraction for me having to worry about photos anyway, I was able to take all of it in and experience it and it was amazing..simply amazing. I honestly would love to work there someday.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Titanic Museum for inviting us for breakfast and an AMAZING experience that I will never ever forget!

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