Laundry Is Still Easy For Me With My Whirlpool Duets!

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It has been a bit over a year since I got my Whirlpool Duet laundry pair. I am so happy to report that as of the time I am writing this, I have had ZERO issues. No problems with the pump giving out and water running back in, nothing. I use the Affresh tabs monthly to clean it and it is still working as well as the first day. Thankfully, if it stopped working, Whirlpool parts are easy to find on the internet on sites like PartSelect.

Not that I am super-human but I would try so hard to save my washer and dryer if there was a house fire, God Forbid. Obviously I would save my kids and husband first but I love my washer and dryer. Why? Two simple words: TIME SAVER. Now of course I can’t save time folding clothes but I can literally load the washer completely full and have the cycle started within 30 SECONDS total. I don’t have to sit and decide which cycle and temp or put in laundry soap which saves so much time. The Precision Dispenser is my most favorite feature still. Filling it once a week or less, saves so much time.

My readers have known for years that with me in college, that I have next to zero free time at home. Between homework, being a mom, blogging, and two other part time jobs I dabble in, I am just not one to not be busy. The fact that I can do a load of laundry that literally only takes minutes from my day is a life saver. Let me explain why this means so much to me. Our previous set, also front loaders, had a horribly weak pump that gave up early on. We have a basement setup and have to have water pumped up. Most people will install another pump to help this but in our case, our “bargain” set just had a horrible pump and we couldn’t replace them ($) so we had to run multiple spin cycles to get the water out and THEN was never able have the clothes be dry in one cycle. It took 4 hours to do ONE LOAD. Not anymore, and I thank heaven for my laundry beauties, the sweethearts I have loved from the day they came to live with me :) I am also happy to report that my teenager is finally doing his own laundry now too and he also loves that he can just put the clothes in and hit start for his clothes!


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Whirlpool and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

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