11 Fun and Educational bath time activities

Most parents think that washing toddlers are a challenge. They are worried because they might cause an injury to the baby as they are so small and too fragile to wash. Most mothers hire professionals to wash their babies until they are at the proper age to wash themselves. On the other hand, babies love to play with water to the point of not wanting to stop even when being told. So why not use that time not only for your kids to play but also for learning. I know it’s hard to shower your baby, but there are techniques for them to have some fun while showering, so it’s easier for you to wash them. And also, playing with water offers many chances to create motor skills. Youngsters will expand their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through activities such as pouring and presenting a new dialect while playing. It will also assist youngsters with connecting another word to what it implies. Below is a list of not only fun but also educational activities for your kids. So parents keep reading you might need some of these activities.

1.) Sticker numbers and Letter toys

Putting sticker numbers and letter toys into your tub or shower is a creative way to educate a toddler. This is a good technique to get toddlers familiarized with the alphabet and numbers early. Most moms play activities and games with their toddlers out of those toys. For instance, we can question them, “Help me find… Mr. J!”, then have them answer which is which.

2.) Sing – Sing along with your toddler during showering sessions.

It’s not just a fun activity. It also plays a powerful role in the baby’s intellect and language skills. It introduces them to new vocabularies and sound patterns, which enhances their listening and comprehension skills. Some excellent examples of songs you could sing are available here from Baby Squids.

3.) Color Bath Activity

To do this activity, you will need a little bit of preparation.  You must have a tiny bit of food coloring, objects with a single color, and a bathtub. Setting this up is still so simple! Explore around your house and look for an object with a single color, for example, red. You must find an object that is plain red. It could be toys, balls, etc. After that, put them into the bathtub full of water. To add extra color, you can drop food coloring into the water to make it more satisfying. It’s a great way to introduce colors to your children at a young age. He or she can readily and quickly differentiate colors. 

4.) Frozen Word Hunt or Ice Fishing

This activity also requires little preparation. It’s as simple as putting toy letters in a container of water, let them sit on the freezer, and wait until their rock hard. After that, take the baby into the bathtub and dip the ice with letters for a minute until it melts. And let the baby form a word using the corresponding letters. This game can develop their spelling skills and enhance their vocabulary growth as they form words out of the letters. 

5.) Bath Crayons

This activity does not require any preparations. You only have to buy Bath crayons. They are cheap and worth it. Since kids love to draw on walls, I recommend bath crayons since they are easy to wipe off. So, the kids can just draw and write on the wall while taking a shower. It helps them expand their imagination and enhance creativity. 

6.) Lego bath

The only requirement for this activity is Legos. You just fill the bathtub with water and pour Lego blocks into the tub. And watch the magic happen. Just let them build and stack Legos while bathing. This activity is perfect for kids since it boosts creativity and it helps them think more than normal.

7.) Floating and Sinking!

Bath time is the ideal chance to investigate the idea of floating and sinking. For this activity, you will need a set of things like some toys. Most toys will float, so you will need to find some heavier ones. If you do not have access to those things, you can always use shampoo bottles, metal spoons, sponges, or even bowls and cups. When it is time for a bath, add the toys to the water to see if they sink or float. Talk to your youngster about what is happening and why it’s happening. Urge your child to observe how the items respond by trying to push floating objects down and stopping the sinking objects by attempting to push floating objects down and stopping the sinking objects.

8.) Reading in the Bath!

Did you know that there are some waterproof books you can use during bath time with your toddlers? You can purchase them online. They can be submerged over and over without causing damage to the book. Your little one will be delighted just hearing you read, or they can just pretend to read by themselves. Plus, little kids love flipping through pages of books.

9.) Writing in the Bath!

Not only does the market have waterproofed books, but they also have waterproof crayons and bathtub finger paint. With this invention, you can now write and draw during bath time. Encourage your kids to practice writing or even drawing during bath time. By this activity, you are helping them strengthen their arm muscles. Older kids may learn how to write their full names or even practice correct spelling. Yes, it will get a little dirty but what’s good about this is how easy it is to erase, just by rinsing it with a little bit of water.

10.) Washcloth Puppets!

Kids love puppets. There are these things called washcloth puppets that you can use during bath time. Trust me on this one; these things are extremely popular. Kids will love hearing and watching you make up stories with these things. As they get a little bit older, they will also engage in this activity by using their wild imaginations to make up their own little stories. 

11.) Learning Letters and Numbers Learning

Letters and numbers is a great way for your child to learn how to count, recite, identifying the alphabet, spell some really simple words, or even learning how to group by color. Bath letters and numbers are available pretty much everywhere. You can buy yours online right now for a very low price.

Washing toddlers sounds exciting until you know how it feels like. Washing toddlers is a very challenging task, especially for new moms. They can be fragile and small, and they also shout and cry whenever we try to take their clothes off. Some can be excited, and some can be scared, especially for first-timers. They must be washed 1-3 times a week to maintain cleanliness and proper health. Other than that, they get to learn new things and develop skills. Washing your toddlers also serves as a bond between family members. Hope you enjoyed these ideas!