How junk foods damage the health of men

If we go by the advice of doctors and medical experts, then what we should eat is dependent on the work we do. The concept of a balanced diet goes parallel. Yes, everyone should eat a balanced diet but the proportion of nutrients is dependent on one’s work. For example, take the example of a labourer whose job is lifting heavy objects. His job is more physical and involves stretching all the muscles of the body. Therefore, his diet must contain more proteins as they are the building block, carbohydrates for quick energy and fats for stored energy.

 Vitamins and minerals must be consumed in negligible amounts. Now take another example of a scientist or a software engineer whose job is more of technical skills and calculation. He/she does more mental labour and less physical labour. Thus, his/her diet should contain fewer proteins and fats, and more vitamins and carbohydrates.

Now look around and see the divergence in reality from the ideal statement. Today be it lawyer, engineer, doctor, labourer, scientist everyone is eating the same food. No one has the time to look after their health and think about what is good and what is bad for them. This has given rise to a new category of food known as junk foods. They taste delicious but are hazardous for health in the long run. But we humans are trained to break the laws and repent our deeds when damage has been done.

The same goes with junk foods, unless we become obese, diabetic and suffer from high blood pressure, we don’t realise our mistakes. In nature, a rule goes that anything in excess or deficiency is not good or else get ready for diseases. The extent of damage due to junk foods is paramount and affects almost every aspect of the body. From your heartbeat to your sex life making men necessary to take Vidalista 20, and Cenforce 100. In this article, we shall discuss how junk foods damage men’s health in various ways.

Increases bad cholesterol

Fat is an important part of our diet and a certain portion of it must be consumed. Cholesterol is one of the lipids just as the fat is which is found in meat, dairy products and seafood. But not all cholesterol is harmful rather good cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attacks. The discussion among doctors about the ill effects of cholesterol is concentrated on bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol has the habit of sticking on the arteries and blood vessels. Thus, stopping the flow of blood in and out of them. This makes the organ’s blood deficient and to fulfil the demand heart has to pump more blood.

In the long run, it causes Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Stroke, Obesity etc.

Emergence of addiction

This may be quite common in the mainstream but junk food are addictive too. It is no rocket science but just observes any close acquaintance of yourself who almost eats junk food every day. If such people are given junk food for a day, they turn violent, stubborn and even cause harm to themselves. Like any other addiction smoking or alcohol, junk foods too have withdrawal symptoms. People are replacing junk food with regular meals; this is alarming for society because it shows the next generation will not be healthy.

Degradation of memory and focus

Intake of junk foods as a regular affair can have an impact on your memory and thinking capability. More alarming is the thing that our young generation is inclining more towards junk foods than home-cooked food. These kids are in their budding age when the brain cells are developing and growing in occurring inside the body. When junk foods become part of a regular meal, it affects the development of the brain and other organs which leads to retarded growth.

Mental health

Even healthy adults if take junk foods periodically will slow their productivity in their job. Junk foods harm mental health causing a hormonal imbalance that can cause mood swings, suicidal thoughts, stress, anxiety, hypertension and depression. Mental health governs the other parts of the part, therefore damage to mental health is felt on the whole body.


Hence, from the above discussion, we conclude that junk foods must be avoided at any cost. If your willpower is not strong enough then reduce the intake gradually, directly prohibiting junk foods will have withdrawal symptoms. Find other healthy but tasty food made at home. The thing with junk food is that the same items can be made at home but it is our want of convenience that takes us to hell. If you don’t want to eat Kamagra Oral Jelly from then take necessary steps to curb the consumption of junk foods now.