A Newborn Care Guide for First-Time Parents

First thing’s first, congratulations if you’re about to become a first-time parent in the near future! While the thought of becoming a parent may seem daunting, this is a time in your life you can never get back, so it’s important to cherish every moment.

It’s no secret that the first few months after your child enters the world can be difficult. They may be the most challenging months of your life — but never fear, there are a few newborn hacks, as well as new technology for parenting that can help you through it all.

Check out the rest of this blog for 5 helpful newborn care tips to get you through the first few weeks and months of newborn life.

1. Make the Most of Hospital Resources

If you choose to give birth in a hospital, a great tip is to capitalize on all the information and resources they provide before you head home with your newborn.

Learn all you can about breastfeeding and latching — get advice from a lactation consultant if possible. Ask the midwives or nurses for a quick lesson on how to hold your newborn correctly, how to wash your infant (check out the best baby bubble baths here), and their top tips for emergencies.

2. Seek Help With Breastfeeding if You Need It

Breastfeeding does not come naturally or easily to many women. In the beginning stages, it can be very difficult to get right. Don’t put on a brave face and try to figure it on your own.

Women who seek out help with breastfeeding once they’ve left the hospital have a far higher success rate. Enquire whether a lactation consultant can visit you at home, or join a nursing support group.

It’s also important to look after yourself when breastfeeding as it’s a full-time job. Prepare for your nursing stints with a comfortable chair, baby support, plenty of water and snacks, and a good book or a nearby TV remote!

3. Try Not to Fixate on Being Tired

Yes, you’re tired. Exhausted is probably more accurate. But try not to obsess over how tired you are as this can only lead to frustration. Instead, just know that this is a phase and yes, you will get to sleep again!

This being said, it’s important to take shifts when caring for your newborn throughout the night and day. Breaking up baby care allows for one partner to sleep-in or nap, while the other holds down the fort. It’s a win-win.

Don’t worry about forming ”bad sleeping habits” during the newborn stage. Do whatever it takes to get your baby to sleep — whether it’s co-sleeping, sleeping in the stroller, or on your chest.

4. Mimic the Womb

If there is one way to soothe a fussy baby, it’s to mimic the womb. This is why movements such as gentle swaying, swinging, and bouncing work so well, plus swaddling, warmth, and white noise, i.e. shushing.

5. Let Your Partner Find Their Feet

Not all dads (or moms) are naturals when it comes to newborn care. While it’s super important to share the load between partners, you have to let your partner find their feet on their own and learn what is necessary to help your child grow and thrive.

Some partners may be hesitant to get involved for fear of not knowing what to do. Allow your partner to make mistakes and correct them without being critical.

Find Handy Newborn Hacks at Your Fingertips

These are just a few of the many tips that can help you through those first tentative weeks. Yes, it may seem overwhelming, but try not to wish the time away because you won’t get it back.

If you’re on the hunt for more newborn hacks, don’t miss out on the rest of this site for all the parental guidance you need!