5 Reasons to Visit a Breast Biopsy Center in LA

You might go through life never needing to undergo a breast biopsy. But if you don’t fall into that category, try not to freak out too much when the time comes for the biopsy procedure. There are tons of reasons for a breast biopsy to be performed, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have breast cancer.

When you visit a breast biopsy center in LA, Chicago, or NYC, the facility is likely to offer a variety of services, some serving as treatment options and others for the purpose of prevention. These are the top reasons for visits to a breast biopsy center near you.

Preventative Screening for Breast Cancer

Screening for breast cancer is the best preventative measure you can take to stay on top of your health. There are several types of screening you can do, the easiest being a self-exam. This should be done every now and again and only takes a few minutes. There are other more extensive screening options, such as a mammogram.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Receiving a mastectomy means removing the breast tissue all together. This is an extreme measure for breast cancer treatment, but it is also extremely successful. Many women view this as a loss of femininity, but this is not the case at all, especially thanks to breast reconstruction surgery.

After a mastectomy, the surgeon will be able to reconstruct a new set of breasts, even after they have been removed. Bedford Breast Center says that a “surgeon can effectively replace a breast or breasts that have been completely removed, rebuilding them to same size and shape as they previously were and, in some cases, can even recreate the nipple and areola.”

Biopsy Procedures

It’s no surprise that a breast biopsy center offers breast biopsies. A breast biopsy involves taking a sample of the breast tissue to have it tested in the lab, determining if any cancerous cells are present. There is not just one type of biopsy procedure, but several. Some are more invasive than others; your surgeon will be able to determine which biopsy is necessary for your situation.

Mastectomy and Goldilocks Mastectomy

The top breast biopsy centers not only treat breast cancer with the regular mastectomy, but also something called a Goldilocks procedure. This involves removing the cancerous breast cells and using the remaining healthy tissue to reconstruct the breast. Since the breasts won’t be cut all the way off like in a normal mastectomy, it is possible to reshape new ones with the remaining tissue. This treatment plan is not offered by every surgical center, so you’ll have to ask your surgeon if this is an option.

Radiation Treatment

Before going all out with a mastectomy, double mastectomy, or Goldilocks procedure, there are other options. Radiation therapy is usually tried first before more extreme measures are taken. Sometimes radiation is also paired with surgical procedures to nip the cancer in the bud as effectively as possible. Many breast cancer patients have found success with radiation.