5 steps to create the bedroom of your dreams

Given that we spend more time in our bedrooms than nearly any other room in the house, it is amazing to think how little care or thought we give to their design and ambience. This is probably because we only tend to care about the rooms in our house which guests can see – the lounge, the kitchen, the bathroom – in order to create a good impression, rather than those that are out of sight of visitors.

If your bedroom is in desperate need of an overhaul or you just want to freshen things up in the place where most of us spend up to 10 hours a day, then check out these five steps for creating the bedroom of your dreams.

Step one: What can be saved?

Take a good look around. What in your bedroom can be saved as part of your freshening up? Could a lick of paint ensure that your closet goes on for another five years? Would a real deep clean with a Shark Rocket Complete vacuum remove the need for a brand new carpet? Working out what is worth keeping, what needs to go because it is unnecessary clutter and what has simply had its day is the basis for sorting out the bedroom.

Step two: Settle on a color scheme

Color has a strong effect on mood and when it comes to the bedroom, we obviously need to be in a relaxed mood to get a good night’s sleep and to ensure when we wake up, we are in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. The best colors to paint a bedroom for a good nights sleep include muted blues, yellow, greens and silvers.

Step three: Reconfigure the bedroom

Unsurprisingly given the room is called the bedroom, the focal point should always be the bed. Start your reconfiguration by look at that. Is it the right size? Is it in a position where it allows you to get the best possible nights sleep, where the morning sun isn’t going to be waking you up at 5am through the summer? Once you’ve got your bed sorted, you can work by arranging the rest of your furniture harmoniously around it.

Step four: Revitalize your furniture

It isn’t just color that is conducive to a good night’s sleep, but the quality of your bedding as well. You are meant to consider replacing your mattress every five years but it isn’t just the surface you sleep on that can help revitalize your bedroom. New pillows, blankets and quilts can not only improve comfort but also help improve the look and feel of the room.

Step five: Get the right accessories in

Once you’ve got the bulk of the room sorted with the bed, color scheme and furniture, then you can begin adding a personal touch. Given that the bedroom is the most personal room in the house, then objects of strong sentimental value are perfect. You don’t want too much artwork as the room is meant to be a relaxing space and not somewhere where there is something to look at every turn. Finally, ensure you’ve got enough bedside lighting with lampshades that co-ordinate with the rest of the room.