5 Tests To Carry Out After You Hit Your 30s

It is time that you understood the importance of necessary medical tests and routine health screening. You need to get these tests done regularly regardless of how old you are. But once you enter your 30s, it becomes even more important for you to track your health and the various markers that impact your overall well-being. Remember, your health is what matters to your family the most. If you do not comprehend its importance, it is better to get these tests done for the sake of your loved ones and everyone that loves and depends on you.

1. Blood Pressure Test

Hypertension and stress, accompanied by anxiety and restlessness. This might seem familiar to you, given the current routine that you are stuck in. Your office gets a lot more stressful these days, especially after the pandemic. If you complain about high blood pressure, chances are that you are suffering from severe stress and anxiety as well. Your blood pressure readings will comprise two numbers. The readings of 130/80 are considered normal. Anything above or below this is considered abnormal.

2. Cholesterol Test

Are you eating too much oily food? Are you eating out frequently? If the answer is yes, you should get a cholesterol test done immediately. Do you know that an increase in bad cholesterol can lead to problems of the heart including heart attack and stroke? If you have a lot of LDL or too little HDL circulating in your blood, it is a matter of concern. Cholesterol is a thick plaque that forms on the insides of your arteries. This means it is going to affect your heart function directly. You should get a cholesterol test done every 6 months or so if you have bad eating habits.

3. Mammogram

This test is very important for every woman out there. It is a non-invasive x-ray that is able to pick up signs of several abnormalities in the breast. Any woman who complains about lumps and calcium deposits should go for this test. If you have any abnormally growing mass in your breast, the doctor is going to recommend an MRI scan or even a Breast Ultrasound to eliminate any such risks. The physician will even recommend a Biopsy to know if any growth that you are complaining about is malignant or benign.

4. Skin Cancer Test

It is very much possible today to detect skin cancers in the earliest stages. This way, this problem becomes very much curable and manageable. Remember that skin cancer symptoms are going to vary quite dramatically for every individual. If you have a family history of skin cancer or have received a lot of long-term sun exposure, you could get prone to skin cancer. Similarly, the use of tanning beds also increases your risk of getting this disease. Your physician can guide you better about how often you need a skin exam.

5. Bone Mineral Density

This is a very essential test for women. As you get old, you become more prone to osteoporosis and several other bone-related diseases. You can get a DXA test done if you suspect any brittleness or pain in your bones and joints. Women who have lower body weight and bone mass are more at risk.

These tests are for everyone. As you enter your 30s, it is better to become more aware of the risks that you might be prone to. Stay aware, stay healthy.