5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

The Internet has become one of the necessities for the world today. Be it for entertainment or communication, everything is available at our fingertips. While we all want our future generations to be smart and tech-savvy, let’s not forget the potential threats to privacy, exposure to explicit content and cyberbullying. Although we can’t protect or monitor them all day every day, there are some tips that can help you with keeping your kids safe online.

Open Communication about internet 

Before your kids start using the internet and all those gadgets in your house, make sure to sit them down and have an open conversation about the internet, its do’s and don’ts. Talk to them about how they can protect their privacy and what not to share online. Covering all the topics related to the internet with them openly will help them be vigilant.

Opt for Parental Search Control Filters

Let’s all be thankful to technology as it has blessed us with parental search control filters. We all know how some searches can show explicit content which is not meant for children. Make the most of these filters on the gadgets that are used by children. For instance, turning on the SafeSearch filter on Google will help block such searches.

Monitor Their Activities Online

Parents are often worried about their kids as it is not possible to monitor their activities online or to limit their screen time. For monitoring and analyzing their activity online you can also opt for certain softwares such as Kidas that is specifically meant for monitoring the in-game communication for video games. This software is developed to alert parents when their children come in touch with a communication or a conversation they shouldn’t be a part of.

It is a softwares that helps in identifying and alerting the parents about any dangerous situations that your children might come across while playing games online. Your kids can be exposed to sexual content, cyberbulling, toxic behavior etc while intereacting with other players in online games. Kidas alerts the parents by analysing the gaming activity as well as the communications that happen during such online-games to help you safeguard your children. It also provides the needed resources to help you deal with these situations. Check out the software and its advantages here.

Decide upon a digital detox day

The Internet and social media can be quite addictive. While we as adults understand the consequences of being online all the time, kids certainly don’t. One of the smartest ways to limit their internet usage is to have a digital detox day weekly. Decide on a day and ask your kids to not use any tech gadgets throughout the day. Encourage them to go outdoors, play or do something that they like doing. 

Lead them by an example

Kids always take inspiration from their parents. Be it the way of talking or getting ready, children always look up to their parents and try to adapt their etiquettes. And because of this it becomes really important to be cautious while using the internet around your children. Try to limit your screen time and always be smart when it comes to posting, commenting or even watching content online. They learn what they see, so make sure to lead them a good example.Following all these tips can pave a path for cybersecurity for your kids. Let’s not be afraid of what’s on the internet, instead opt for ways that can help in educating kids about the types of things that can go wrong on the internet. To know more about Kidas and its specifications, head to their FAQ section and get all the information.