5 Ways to Add Life to Your Vacation Home to Attract Guests

You might not use your vacation homes for your regular abode, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest your energy and money to make it more appealing. 

After all, it’s the place where you chill on vacation and holidays. And many of you might have it as your rental property most months of the year.  And  it’s the interior design of your home that significantly impacts the number of bookings you get! 

So, what can you do to attract more guests? 

Here, we have shared five ways you can add life to your vacation home and make it the most classy and elegant place to visit. 

Set Up a Lively Terrace Garden 

Now that you have decided to take the plunge, start with creating a lively terrace garden. There are endless options here. 

Aim to utilize more space by playing up and down the incline, above the ground level, and along each side. You can decorate the walls with different plants and use them as a backdrop. Also, make the space more functional by creating a comfortable seating arrangement.

Grace the Walls With Contemporary Artwork 

Walls are a great way to play with the art. Go for artworks that are aesthetically compelling and shell out a classy vibe at the same time. Your guests would love it! 

For instance, sally mann photos have some amazing collections of contemporary artworks inspired by both the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Choose something that engages the eye and the mind and opens doors to creative imagination. Areas like the living room, bedroom, and dine-in hall must have some sort of artwork. 

Install a Patio Grill 

You can’t not have a grill in your vacation home. It’s not fair. 

You may have an open outdoor space or a covered patio where you would like to keep the grill. Whatever the case may be, be sure to install a proper grilling system where proper ventilation ensures no risk of fire. 

Don’t prefer a charcoal grill for a covered patio as it can stain your walls, and there’s a high risk of fire. 

Go With Contemporary Furniture Design 

The contemporary design describes solid and neutral colors, sleek lines, and other materials, including glass and metal. Your lavish and spacious vacation home would love contemporary furniture as it speaks class and is airy and light. 

For instance, coastal design is popular for giving a breezy and holiday feel to the space. Transitional design, on the other hand, is a cohesive blend of sophistication and classic. 

There are tons of inspiring designs on the internet. Make sure to do your proper research. 

Keep it Minimalistic

Nothing can be more dramatic than keeping your vacation home minimalist yet stylish. 

Gone are days when people were mad over fancy homes. Folks nowadays look for places that are peaceful, spacious, and functional. So, focus more on these aspects. 

You can anytime consult an interior designer to provide you with a customized layout for your property. 

Final Words 

If you have a rental vacation home, you want recurring customers who also promote your property to their fellows.  

Make sure you offer them such an elegant home that they keep coming back and bring more customers to you.