5 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being Over Work

Work is a part of life. Whether you’re doing it to earn a living, keep yourself engaged, or expand your skills, you need to work. But, despite its importance, eventually, your job can catch up to you and cause you immense fatigue.

According to data published by a blog, Zippia, over 80% of workers experienced burnout within the past year. Once you hit this point, you need time to recover, or else you’ll fall super sick. That’s why it is recommended that, along with your career, you must focus on maintaining your health. 

Your body can collapse under the weight of your responsibilities if you don’t know how to make time for yourself. While having a job is essential, it’s not worth keeping it at the expense of your health. So, here are some ways you can look into to prevent yourself from getting sick: 

1. Checkin with a doctor

A doctor can provide you with a comprehensive outlook on your well-being. So, check in with a healthcare provider on a timely basis. A doctor can inform you about the health problems you may be struggling with. You may even learn about specific diseases which may be active in your body but exhibit no symptoms. Hence, getting a routine checkup allows the doctor to evaluate your condition and treat any illness before it worsens.

Let’s exemplify this point. A rare yet aggressive cancer known as mesothelioma is prevalent among military personnel and blue-collar workers. That’s because mesothelioma is triggered by a mineral called asbestos, which was widely used in construction and making weapons. The presence of asbestos in army barracks led to many inhaling this microscopic particle, allowing it to build up in their lungs gradually. 

The first symptom may appear ten years after exposure, but that cancer may have already spread. So, going for a routine checkup allows doctors to examine all the benign bodies in your system and treat them before they become dangerous. Don’t underestimate your health; unearth what’s happening inside your body.

2. Use your paid leaves

While you may be saving up your paid leaves for important occasions like birthdays or weddings, try using some on yourself. Everyone needs a break; if you don’t give yourself time off, eventually, you’ll sink under pressure. So, talk to your employer and apply for a leave when you can. Ensure you take enough time off and do not return after two to three days. On your vacation, try not answering emails or work-related calls; instead, focus on yourself. Go for a massage, eat delicious meals, and explore your resort. You’ll notice you feel much better and lighter on your feet once you return from holiday.

3. Dont take more than you can handle

Don’t try to be a people pleaser. It would help to decide how much workload you can handle and operate accordingly. If you must pull an overtime shift, divide your workload and gauge how much you can tackle daily. However, if your colleague and manager ask you to take over more tasks, be clear if you can’t do more for the day. If you continue piling more work for yourself, eventually, you’ll crumble under the pressure. As a result, you’ll experience burnout and end up getting stressed. Therefore, think about your well-being and health and work according to what you can manage.

4. Look for stress relievers

Deadlines, dealing with an angry boss, and competitive colleagues can all take a toll on you. It may cause you to build up stress and anxiety that may start exhibiting itself in your work. You cannot function this way. Stress and anxiety ruin your performance and can disrupt your work ethic. You may begin procrastinating, second-guessing the quality of work you put forward, and become harsh with yourself. Over time, your mental health may deteriorate significantly, and you may need to resign from your position. 

Before you reach this point, finding ways to eliminate all the stress you carry is best. Stress relievers are techniques that allow you to get rid of your fears and worries healthily. These can be anything from dancing to singing. You can even try your hand at journaling, drawing, or painting. Find any medium that appeals to you and use it to relieve your stress. If nothing works, then it’s ideal you look into therapy and let a mental health professional guide you.

5. Always make time for your meals

It’s not unusual to lose track of time as you work. It’s a common occurrence in employees as they race to meet deadlines. Constantly putting yourself in the backseat and ignoring your needs is not a good practice. You need to eat and drink well to do your job perfectly. So, while you rush to complete your work, have some time for your meals. Eating food can refresh and rejuvenate you. If you work on a hungry stomach, you may feel weak, experience migraines, or get irritated. 

If you’re dealing with a team project, coordinate with your colleagues to ensure that everyone gets ample time to have their meal and that the work doesn’t get neglected. Apart from having your food on time, pack healthy and nourishing meals instead of sticking with fast food. Try indulging in menu items like sandwiches, salads, and dishes made from quinoa. You should also drink more water and try going easy on the caffeine. A proper and nutritious meal is physically and mentally rewarding, which is why you learn to go the extra mile for yourself.

Final Thoughts

One of the unavoidable downsides of living in a capitalist society is the amount of work you’re expected to do to make ends meet. Having a job and maintaining it is hard work. Eventually, you devote long hours to work, often neglecting your well-being to meet deadlines. But this is not healthy. Down the line, by ignoring your health, you invite numerous problems for you which can interfere with your employment.

For this reason, start prioritizing yourself over your job and look after yourself better. By taking breaks and focusing on your needs, youll notice a drastic improvement in your mental and physical health. This proactiveness allows you to maintain your stamina, builds your endurance, and makes you better at your job.