6 American Theme Parks That Kids Will Love

We are approaching the second half of 2018 and starting to make preparations for everything that those months bring with them. For most Americans, the summer months come with a good dose of warm, relaxing weather. However, for parents with young children, those months can be anything but relaxing.

Once the children have begun their summer vacation, it falls to their parents to arrange childcare and ensure that they are kept entertained. In households where both parents have to go to work every day, these weeks can be particularly stressful. If you are in one of these households, you will probably already be familiar with the routine. You also may well have discovered that things go much smoother if you take the time to plan ahead.

One of the ever-popular options for a family summer’s day out is a tip to the theme park. The United States is home to a number of excellent theme parks, as well as some of the most famous roller coasters and other rides in the world.

With so many theme parks to choose from however, it isn’t always easy to decide which one to visit. This is, of course, further complicated by the inevitable disagreements between the kids as to which one you should go to.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you to convince your family to go along with it, but a trip to any of the theme parks on this list is very unlikely to go down badly. Each of these theme parks offers exactly the kind of experience that visitors are longing for. Not only will these parks provide your kids with the perfect day out, they also have much more to offer adult visitors than most people realize.

Lego Land, California

Who doesn’t love Lego?! If you are a lover of Lego – a normal person in other words – then you will be unable to resist the unique charm of Lego Land. This place is overflowing with activities and rides for children of all ages. Over the 150-acres that this theme park covers, there are 50 or so attractions to be seen, including a beautiful botanical garden which is sure to please more adult visitors.

One of the great advantages of Lego Land is that it contains attractions to entertain visitors of all ages, no matter how young or old. Adult visitors to the park will no doubt get a decent nostalgia hit out of the whole experience.

Disneyland, California

Perhaps the only company that can offer the same kind of nostalgic experience as Lego is Disney. Much like Lego, possibly the most wonderful thing about Disney is that they are responsible for giving your children just as many precious memories as they have given you. Many of the characters they feature, and the stories that they tell, will resonate between generations.

There is a reason that Disneyland has the international reputation that they do. Disney are of course titans in the movie industry. For over almost a century now, they have told their own unique stories, and also given their twist on a number of classics. The result is a theme park which is bursting at the seams with beloved characters and treasured memories.

But apart from the nostalgia, Disneyland is also home to some of the most thrilling roller coasters in the United States. Their rides are, naturally, themed according to various Disney IPs. Girls and boys of all ages will surely get a thrill out of riding these rides alongside many of their favorite characters. Disneyland is one of the biggest theme parks in the world and it isn’t hard to see why.

Universal Studios

The first T-themed theme park in the United States, Universal Studios Park has gone on to become one of the most popular theme parks in the world. In fact, with over 40 million guests every year, Universal Studios is the largest theme park operator in the world. The Universal brand now operates theme parks in a number of different locations across America, including Hollywood and Florida.

With a plethora of beloved movie franchises, including Indiana Jones, Jaws, and E.T, under their belt, Universal has plenty of IPs to play about with, and they take full advantage of them all! You can even book a VIP tour with a group such as Magic VIP Tours. Click the link to check it out!

Sesame Place, Philadelphia

If your kids are big fans of Sesame Street then this is the park for you. They will get to meet all of their favorite characters, including Big Bird, Elmo, and The Cookie Monster, among many others.

As well as the opportunity to actually meet some of the characters from the show, there are also a number of different water-based activities for kids to have a go at. The theme park even puts on shows, most notable being Elmo – The Musical.

Hershey Park, Hershey

This park started life as a recreational area for Hershey’s employees but has since evolved into a full-fledged theme park in its own right. This massive theme park boasts an impressive selection of rides and roller coasters. All of these should appeal to kids, but adults might even find a few of the rides are enjoyable enough for themselves.

In addition to the many rides on offer, there is also a shaded zoo, and even an air-conditioned chocolate world.

Victorian Gardens, New York

This is one theme park that won’t burn a hole in your pocket just from the entrance fee. Located in New York’s iconic Central Park, Victorian Gardens is home to a dozen or so handcrafted rides. These include bumper boats a flying swing, and even a miniature roller coaster.

A number of interactive live shows provide further entertainment for younger children, and might just be enjoyable for adults as well.

The United States is home to many of the world’s most renowned theme parks. Many of the biggest players in the theme park industry operate in the US, including the biggest of them all – Universal. The theme parks on this list are just a selection of the huge number on offer.