7 Reasons Every Woman Should Learn Self-Defense

Self-defense classes are increasing in popularity and for good reason. Self-defense classes can teach you countermeasures to protect yourself from harm as well as skills to reduce the odds of being attacked in the first place. But it also has benefits that go way being simply able to defend yourself. Here are seven reasons every woman should learn self-defense.

You’ll Stick with This Exercise Regime

Self-defense programs will not only teach you how to stay safe; they will help you to get fit in the process. Because you know you are learning something that could save your life or deter serious injuries, you will be motivated to keep going in order to learn everything.

In some self-defense classes like hassettsjiujitsu.com/self-defense/, you’ll work your core as you learn how to fight off attackers. In others, you’ll get some cardio, too. If you are interested in connecting the information you learn in a self-defense class with a workout, some of them follow a high-intensity interval training method, practicing moves again and again in a way that burns a lot of calories. And because you know you need to learn these moves, you’ll follow through each lesson and come back for the next.

This repetition will improve your muscle memory so that your body reacts faster to threats. If you choose to keep up the practice, your body will respond correctly like throwing a strike and always be ready to bust a move long after you learned it. This increases the odds that you’ll make the right move before the attacker can counter it or flee the scene fast enough.

You will learn in a self-defense class that physical conditioning will improve more than just your physical well-being. The better shape you’re in, the better able you are to defend yourself. This could be the motivation to stay in shape after you’ve completed a self-defense class.

The repeated practice of self-defense moves improves your reflexes overall. You’ll be able to move more quickly and smartly in any situation. Whether you’re throwing the right punch at your attacker or stepping around a new hazard depends on the situation. This situational awareness should become second nature, as your mind considers where attackers may be and your options in any situation. You are, consciously or unconsciously, prepared. And that awareness of your physical abilities could lead you to continue a workout regimen to remain in shape.

Better strength, speed, balance and overall health along with improved personal safety. You won’t get a better workout program than a good self-defense class. And that’s aside from all the other benefits.

Learn How to Avoid Trouble

Self-defense classes are not just teaching you how to fight off attackers. One of the most important things you learn in self-defense classes is recognizing potentially dangerous situations and your options for dealing with them.

You’ll become more aware of your situations, the warning signs that should cause you to take action to protect yourself, and the steps you can take to avoid a potential problem. You may never plan on being attacked, but your awareness allows you to better identify a potential threat and do everything in your power to avoid it.

Awareness can’t prevent every potential negative event. However, this situational awareness helps you deal with sudden threats as quickly as humanly possible and minimizes the harm that could come to you.

You’ll Improve Your Own Safety

Don’t own a weapon without knowing how to use it. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself while trying to defend yourself. Whether you want to own a stun gun, knife or mace, seek classes where you’ll learn how to handle self defense weapons for women. A clear benefit of these classes is that you’ll understand the laws regarding their use as well as how to use them correctly. You may also learn how to use various items in the environment as a weapon, giving you a stronger position when you do find yourself in trouble.

A side benefit of self-defense training is learning how to deal with the adrenaline dump that occurs when a fight or flight situation arises. You will know how to deal with the rush constructively and act for those few seconds it is in your body. If you aren’t prepared, your adrenaline dump could sap energy from you while leaving you less able to fight off an attacker because you couldn’t react properly in that limited time frame. Instead, you’ll react in a constructive manner instinctively, perhaps before your mind is even processing the situation logically.

You’ll Learn Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is said to be the only discipline that works. Going to class on a regular basis and practicing your skills teaches you self-discipline. And the fact that you’re going for your own protection keeps you motivated to keep going to class, reinforcing the self-discipline you want. As you develop self-discipline in one area, it can expand into other areas. Either you want to stick to a stricter fitness regime or you want to have more discipline in your business endeavors; the discipline you’ll get from sticking to your self-discipline training will help you reach your goals.

You’ll Gain Self-Confidence

Because you will learn how to control dangerous situations, you’ll become more confident overall. This will affect how you do everything from late night walks home to your business presentations. You’ve learned that you’re powerful and that you can do amazing things. Since you know how to handle truly dangerous situations, minor life challenges are far less worrying, too. Then there’s the fact that if you’ve mastered a loud “get away from me” yell, you’ll be more confident projecting your voice in lesser situations.

A side benefit of self-defense training is that it truly does make you less likely to become a victim. One study found that women were half less likely to be the victim of a sexual assault after completing a ten-week self-defense class. Experts said that this wasn’t just because of the physical skills they learned. Women who were more alert to warning signs and felt confident fending off attackers were simply less likely to be attacked. Attackers wanted easier targets and so were less likely to choose them.

Whether you’re taking karate or modern self-defense classes, you learn to trust and respect – including yourself. You’ll learn respect for your partner and build mutual trust. When they learn to trust and respect you, you’ll find that it reinforces your self-respect. And you’ll gain a great sense of pride and accomplishment after you’ve mastered every new skill.

The emotional transformation doesn’t have to make you a warrior, but it should make you someone who is ready to respond to a threat with a will to fight for your life and bodily integrity. With this self-confidence, you’ll feel free to explore the world and meet new people. You’re more willing to try new things, go new places and find new ways to engage with others. Your improved street awareness from the self-defense class and enhanced situational awareness allows you to feel free to go where you want with less fear.

It Keeps You Healthy

Self-defense training will improve your physical and mental strength. It will also reduce your overall stress levels. The class may get your adrenaline going, but you’ll burn it off in a productive manner. Self-defense training classes could help you burn off your stress and anxiety, too. You’ll gain healthy, legitimate self-respect after completing a self-defense program.

Self-defense classes improve your physical health, too. We already addressed the ability of these programs to help you decrease reaction times and burn calories. Another benefit of many programs is improving your balance. Many programs involve dealing with attackers, and regardless of the method you use to deal with them, you’re going to be strengthening and toning your muscles. If you’re fit, you’ll sleep better, and that has a clear link to good health. Reduced general stress and anxiety, too, will help you sleep better at night.

The Classes Will Help You with Goal Setting

Self-defense classes want you to set – and achieve – goals. Maybe you want to nail down a specific move. Perhaps you want to feel safe in certain situations. Each of those is a goal. You should work with the instructor and your classmates to achieve each goal. You can set several goals, completing them in sequence. As you achieve each one, your self-confidence will grow, and you’ve given yourself reasons to keep going with the program. You can then decide to explore other areas or learn various other disciplines as well. The confidence you gain after you’ve achieved goals that you never even thought were actually possible will roll over to other parts of your life and change the whole perspective you have of yourself.


Self-defense classes have a positive impact on every aspect of your life. With all these reasons to learn self-defense, the only questions are why you haven’t taken one yet and when you’re going to sign up for one that is right for you.