8 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Classy

San Antonio, a bustling city in south-central Texas, offers a dynamic mix of historical significance and contemporary living. Life in San Antonio offers a unique blend of vibrant culture, rich history, and modern amenities. Residents enjoy a warm climate, with a strong sense of community and diverse neighborhoods. The city boasts a thriving culinary scene, highlighted by Tex-Mex cuisine.

San Antonio experiences a moderately humid climate. Relative humidity levels can vary throughout the year. Summers are the most humid, with humidity levels mostly exceeding 70% or even 80% on particularly muggy days. The pleasant climate of the city encourages an ongoing desire to improve one’s residence. If you’re a homeowner seeking to effortlessly elevate your living space in this area, you’re in the ideal location.

Your home epitomizes comfort, serving as the sanctuary where you spend the majority of your time. It authentically mirrors your personality. However, the allure of returning to the same surroundings every day may fade over time. Maintaining your home’s comfort is essential. Therefore, we’ve compiled straightforward and accessible suggestions for enhancing your home and giving it a classy appearance.

1) Upgrade your bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom can transform it into a more functional and visually appealing space. Consider replacing outdated fixtures with modern, stylish alternatives in finishes like brushed nickel or chrome. Upgrading your vanity with a solid countertop and under-mount sink can add both elegance and convenience. If your budget allows, consider replacing your shower or bathtub. When considering a shower replacement in San Antonio, it is essential to get professional help for a seamless job.

2) Crown molding

Crown molding is a subtle yet impactful architectural detail that can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of a room. It consists of decorative trim installed along the junction where the walls meet the ceiling. This element introduces a sense of sophistication and refinement to interior spaces. It helps to visually define the room, making it look more polished and complete. Whether your decor style is traditional, transitional, or modern, crown molding can be adapted to suit various design schemes.

3) Design a focal wall

Creating a focal point in a room is a key design strategy to make the space visually captivating. Several options can achieve this effect.

  • Textured wallpaper introduces depth and tactile interest, allowing you to play with patterns and colors to set the tone.
  • A stylish paint color can draw attention and evoke specific moods, transforming a room’s ambiance.

Cool colors like blues and greens can evoke calmness and tranquility, while warm colors like reds and oranges can add energy and warmth. Neutrals like grays and beiges offer versatility and a timeless feel, allowing various decor styles.

  • Wood paneling, whether in a traditional or modern style, adds warmth and character, turning an ordinary wall into a striking feature.

These design choices elevate aesthetics and give rooms a sense of purpose and identity, making them more engaging and inviting for both residents and guests.

4) Statement furniture

Adding a standout piece of furniture is like adding a dash of personality to your room. Imagine an ornate armoire with its intricate designs or a plush velvet tufted sofa. The armoire adds vintage charm, while the tufted sofa oozes luxury. These pieces grab your attention and make your space feel more inviting and unique. Plus, they influence the room’s vibe, from colors to patterns. So, whether it’s a cozy chat or just admiring your interior, these standout pieces play a big role in making your home classy and comfy.

5) Built-in shelves

Custom-built shelves or bookcases are a brilliant way to add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your living space. These bespoke creations fit your room’s dimensions and style, ensuring a seamless integration with your decor. They offer a dedicated space to keep your cherished books, decorative items, or personal mementos. You can opt for open shelves that create an airy and accessible display or closed cabinets that keep items neatly tucked away. 

For a classy look, consider adding these to your shelves:

  • Collectibles
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Plants
  • Children’s Toys
  • Candles
  • Barware
  • Trophies and Awards
  • Travel Souvenirs
  • Musical instruments

6) Arty rugs

Selecting high-quality designer rugs is an effective way to elevate your interior design. These rugs serve a practical purpose by defining different living areas within a room and introducing a sense of class and style. Designer rugs are crafted with precision, using premium materials and intricate patterns or textures that transform your floors into focal points.

Rugs come in various materials, including wool, silk, cotton, jute, and synthetic fibers. Patterns range from traditional oriental motifs, such as Persian and Turkish designs, to modern geometric patterns, abstract art-inspired styles, stripes, florals, and solid colors. Natural textures like sisal or seagrass are also known for a more organic look.

7) Home bar

Designating a specific area for wine storage or a home bar is a sophisticated and practical addition to your living space. A wine storage area can range from a climate-controlled wine cellar to a beautifully designed wine rack, keeping your collection organized and at the perfect temperature. A stylish home bar area with a well-appointed bar cart or built-in counter provides a chic setting for entertaining guests.

8) Fresh flowers

Displaying fresh flowers or greenery is a simple yet highly effective way to infuse life and vibrancy into your living space. Fresh blooms, with their captivating colors and delicate fragrances, instantly uplift the ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. They serve as natural focal points, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any room.

Think of:

  • Roses are timeless and classic, available in various colors to match your decor.
  • Peonies are known for their lush and full blooms.
  • Orchids are elegant and exotic.
  • Lilies are known for their graceful and sculptural appearance. White lilies, in particular, are associated with purity and elegance.
  • Tulips are simple yet sophisticated. They come in various colors.
  • Calla lilies are known for their sleek and minimalist appearance, making them an ideal choice for a classy look.
  • Gerbera Daisies, with their bold and vibrant petals, can provide a pop of color while maintaining a classy look.


Remember that achieving a classy home is a personal journey, and it’s important to choose ideas that resonate with your style and preferences while maintaining a sense of balance and cohesiveness throughout your living space.