9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Impressive

A trendy and stylish bathroom can be a great way to make your house look expensive and well-kept, especially if you’re looking to sell in the competitive housing market in America. Bathrooms have undergone impressive and modern interior design changes in the past few years. In a city like Raleigh, where the weather remains wet and muggy all year, creative design changes can help protect the interior from wear and tear and simultaneously give it a luxurious feel.

There are many innovative ways to make your bathroom appear new and unique without having to bring the whole place down and start from scratch and without spending a ton of money. A few modifications here and there, such as placing a new vanity, changing the lighting, or painting the walls a new color, can give your bathroom a fresh and improved look.

This article discusses some of the ways you can improve your bathroom, and if you plan on selling in the future, these changes will help you sell for a reasonable price.

1. Upscale your showerhead 

A modern showerhead can elevate your showering experience and give the bathroom’s interior a decent look. Different versions are available in the market; some even come with multiple shower head configurations and customized temperature control options. You should seek the services of a professional company for shower installation in Raleigh for this purpose, as they’ll ensure the job is done effectively and without hassle.

2. Organize your space 

It’s normal for your bathroom countertops to accumulate a lot of clutter and get messy over time, so an ingenious idea to make your bathroom seem organized and put-together can be to create more storage space with the help of a more oversized vanity or a wall-mounted cabinet. A hidden storage area behind the mirror can also be a great way to keep your everyday essentials out of sight and make your bathroom appear well-managed.

3. Experiment with lighting 

Good lighting is necessary to make your bathroom look spacious and to give you a regal feel while you stand there. The new trend is to have soft lighting around the vanity mirror or your bathing area so your mind can relax and feel calm. You can install a dimmer to adjust the lights according to your mood and time of the day. Nothing beats natural sunlight, so if there is a window in your bathroom, make sure nothing blocks its light to let your bathroom appear warm and inviting.

4. Incorporate seating arrangement 

Another way for your bathroom to look chic is by making room for a settee or a comfy ottoman close to the vanity, bathtub, or window. It adds a nice touch to the bathroom interior and makes it convenient for you to tend to self-care and personal grooming. Choose a sturdy fabric for the seating, something that would be durable and water-resistant. 

5. Include smart devices 

Modern-day technology has completely altered the concept of interior design and taken it to a new level to elevate your comfort. You can add features like: 

  • heated floors to keep you warm and cozy when you step out of the shower
  • heated towel racks or heated drawers to keep your sheets and towels dry and fresh for your use
  • voice recognition AI devices that can adjust the water temperature and lighting according to your liking 
  • self-cleaning toilets, and that too with voice activation

6. Bring in artwork 

To make your bathroom seem luxurious and high-end, decorate its walls with beautiful and exotic artwork or paintings. You want to go for art pieces that have alluring and eye-catching colors that liven up the whole space. If you have a big wall, you can hang multiple small paintings, or another creative idea could be to place tiny framed mirrors against the wall. Colorful, visually aesthetic artwork is bound to put you in a fresh and joyful mood whenever you go to the bathroom. 

7. Change the floor mats

Invest in good floor mats or rugs for your bathroom since they can really enhance the interior and add more texture and personality to the entire space. There are so many modern and niche varieties of rugs that designers and stylists claim will make your bathroom look expensive and luxurious. You can choose the fluffy and soft mats that make you swoon when you step on them, or a practical option would be the quick dry ones made with memory foam. You can go for a vintage look by selecting a Persian rug or a heavily embroidered one. You can place a large rug in the center of the bathroom, or if your bathroom is spacious, you can set smaller similar mats in front of the bathing area and sink.

8. Invest in quality materials 

The material used for the tiles, faucets, basin, and toilet can go a long way in making your bathroom appear grand and lavish. Invest in materials that are durable and maintain their appearance after long-term use.

  • Brass and copper faucets are all the rage these days, with interior designers recommending them to give your bathroom a matte and polished look. 
  • Woodwork can also be a game-changer for your bathroom interior, provided it is sealed and appropriately varnished to protect it from moisture and ensure it lasts a long time. 
  • Crushed glass countertops are the latest trend in the market these days, and they are guaranteed to make your bathroom stand out from the rest. The technique used to make these countertops gives the illusion of floating glass, and selecting them can also be an eco-friendly choice since the glass used is mainly recycled.

9. Arrange flowers and plants 

Plants and flowers can add to the beauty of just about any place, and when placed in bathrooms, they infuse color and character into the space. A bouquet of vibrant flowers arranged in a crystal vase and placed on the vanity will give a soft touch to the interior of the bathroom and spread its floral fragrance all around. Compact potted plants set up next to the windows or on shelves offer a glimpse of nature and give an overall luxe feel to the bathroom.


A few clever changes can transform any dull and basic bathroom into a beautiful and elegant sight. Make changes according to your budget and space, and choose a particular aspect of your bathroom to highlight during renovation. Whatever innovations you decide, remember to make them durable and worth your money by investing in materials of the best quality and hiring a team of skilled professionals.