An Easy Guide for Choosing the Right Chemo Hat

Losing your hair as an aftereffect of chemotherapy can be quite challenging. At such times, chemo hats offer comfort to the patients.

The myth that wearing a hat can induce further hair fall is entirely baseless. No scientific study backs that hair thinning in cancer patients is due to chemotherapy.

Hats boost your confidence and sometimes are even fun to wear. However, choosing the right hat requires a few things to be considered.

Things to Considering while Choosing a Hat

Hats are a lovely alternative to scarves and wigs to protect your scalp from chemotherapy. They are stylish, chic, and reflect your personality.

However, the suitable chemo hats may be difficult to find. Below are some suggestions that might come in quite handy while choosing one.

Getting the Size Right

Having a hat that fits perfectly gives you ease on top of style. So, no matter how chic the hat is, if it doesn’t fit you, it’s not worth it. Instead, try to go for a hat with adjustable size, if possible.

If you have a small head adding a padded cap or two inside the hat might be helpful to achieve the desired fit.

Cotton is the Choice

Developing an itchy sensation in your scalp while going through chemotherapy is inevitable. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the hat’s material when buying to ensure maximum comfort.

Look for hats made with soft cotton material. Cotton doesn’t add discomfort on top of the already itchy sensation on your scalp. Furthermore, it also keeps your scalp cool by quickly absorbing all the sweat.

Adequate Coverage

A hat must give you full coverage to keep your scalp safe during chemotherapy. It must cover all the areas of hair growth in your head to prevent any possible damage to the hair follicles.

A hat with proper coverage will further keep your scalp soft, which can aid in faster hair growth post your treatment.

Your Face Type

Comfort, coverage, and soft material are essential factors to consider while choosing a hat. But what good would they do if the cap doesn’t suit you per se?

Hence, it’s equally important to factor in your face type when choosing a hat. After all, you are buying a hat to look good, right! So, make sure that the hat is comfortable and fit and looks good on you, and suits your needs.

Boast with Confidence

Once you have bought a hat, make sure you flaunt it. Wear it and add an accessory or two like a scarf or a pin.

You can even add a few pieces of jewellery on top of your hat to make it suit your taste or mood of the day.


Hair thinning is never pleasant, and losing your hair as a result of chemotherapy can be intimidating as well. However, it’s important to care for your scalp to induce hair growth post-treatment.

A chemo hat protects your scalp, keeps it safe from the harmful effect of chemotherapy, and even allows you to boast off your fashion sense. There is no need to feel unhappy about your appearance, and the side effects can be concealed.

Who knows, you might surprise yourself by wearing a hat even after your hair growth is back!