Bellforest August launches her book How to Talk to Your Children About Loyalty with Stories From Around the World

Hello! My name is Bellforest August, and I am a children’s book editor based in New York.

I’m reaching out to parents, educators, and caregivers of children aged 4-12 because I have just launched a new book (and eventually series) that may help you talk to your kids about moral intelligence.

The book is titled How to Talk to Your Kids About Loyalty with Stories From Around the World

It contains four tales selected from different countries that center around the subject of loyalty and the importance of keeping promises. The book is meant to be read aloud with the classroom, family, or any reading time together with kids.

I decided to create this book because so much of our education for kids these days is centered around academic success, and we lose time to thoroughly talk about the importance of building virtues, such as loyalty, respect, confidence, fairness, honesty, etc. As a mother of two very energetic kids, I personally find it challenging to carve out time to talk about the importance of these virtues in the midst of our chaotic life. But in fact, moral intelligence is very key to success, and building virtues is very key to moral intelligence. So I thought to optimize our reading time together and make it an opportunity to talk, ask questions, and share personal thoughts about these matters.

The feedback we have received so far has been super positive, saying that kids are engaged in the stories and that reading the book has enhanced meaningful conversation within the family, classroom, community, etc. So please give it a read and tell us what you think. We hope to eventually expand it into a series, focusing on other virtues.