Benefits of Injectable Anabolic Steroids

If you are thinking of using steroids for fitness purposes, you should know that there are several ways of administering steroids. While some people prefer to take them orally, others may inject them or apply them on the skin as creams. Most users will take steroids orally for the first time, but as they progress, they will want the injectables. That said, you are probably wondering about the best way of consuming steroids, so read on to find out. In this article, we will focus on injectable anabolic steroids and their benefits.

What are injectable steroids?

Injectable anabolic steroids are muscle-building products that can only be administered through intramuscular injection. This makes them different from both oral anabolic steroids and gels.

The main problem with oral steroids

Oral steroids can sometimes be toxic to your liver. The liver has to work laboriously when breaking down that drug. And in the long run, they may damage your liver permanently. Besides that, as the liver breaks down the tablets, it somewhat reduces the dose during the absorption process. This means that if you are taking 10mg of a particular steroid, less than 10 mg will end up in your bloodstream. This may make the steroid less effective.

So, what are the benefits of using injectable anabolic steroids?

They are more effective

When it comes to injectables, you inject these steroids directly into your bloodstream. The best thing is that when you do this, you are bypassing the liver. As such, the dose will be more effective. You will not lose a certain amount of the steroid during the breakdown process as it has not gone through the liver.

Fast action

Like we mentioned earlier, oral steroids go through the liver. The process of breaking them down takes time. Therefore, you cannot expect them to kick in immediately. If you desire fast action, you will be more satisfied with injectable anabolic steroids.

Safer for your liver

Taking anabolic steroids orally will undoubtedly stress your liver. Imagine the strain you will put on this essential organ if you are going to take these steroids regularly. Although injectable steroids may also affect your liver, the process is much slower. And if you use them wisely, your liver will be safe.

More cycles

With injectable anabolic steroids, you can afford more cycles without much risk. The same cannot be said about oral steroids. You should avoid running them for more than four weeks. On the other hand, injectables are not taken every day. For instance, you may take them on Monday, skip Wednesday, and take them on Friday and Sunday. With such breaks, you can run them for a 12-week cycle. However, this should be the maximum. Also, this depends on the compound you are using.

Before you decide to use any steroids, consult your doctor. If you are not a medic, a lot could go wrong when injecting these drugs. You don’t want to inject the wrong place or damage your muscles, so ask for professional help. Apart from that, research these steroids to understand their effects entirely.