Benefits of Using a Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

Many people are used to the loud noises of a traditional, single-speed air conditioner. A single-speed air conditioner turns on when the thermostat registers below the set temperature and stays on until the temperature inside the house reaches or exceeds this setting. We’ve become accustomed to this on-and-off way of cooling our homes for decades.

However, a variable-speed air conditioner works differently. This type of air conditioner automatically varies its speed to keep a home at an even, comfortable temperature consistently, without the need to turn on and off throughout the day or night. This ability brings with it several benefits that may have you reaching for a phone to speak to a knowledgeable HVAC specialist.

More Energy Saving

Image via Flickr by Michael R. Wolfe

Single-speed and double-speed air conditioners are constantly spooling before they turn on full power, cool, and shut off. However, a variable-speed air conditioner that runs continuously will use much less energy. Many traditional air conditioners are overpowered for the home and use too much energy when operating for a short duration. This efficiency ensures that you get the most operating power for your money on your utility bills.

Less Disruptive Operating Noise

Since a variable-speed air conditioner is continuously operating, and usually at much lower speeds than a single-speed air conditioner, you rarely hear the system turn on. Many homeowners enjoy not having to turn up the television or move a conversation to another room due to the noise of older air conditioners. The constant low hum of your new variable-speed air conditioner allows you to live life in your home without your air conditioner getting in the way.

Better Indoor Humidity Control

Operating your air conditioner can help to reduce humidity in the home. However, no homeowner would want to leave a single-speed air conditioner operating continuously just to lower indoor humidity. A variable-speed system that automatically adjusts to desired humidity levels in the home can operate continuously and help to reduce the relative humidity inside the home. Lower humidity levels can help reduce and sometimes prevent biological growth in your home, which makes a healthier home for everyone in the household.

Improved Home Comfort

The newest variable-speed air conditioning systems can also be used with the newest forms of technology with thermostats. Between the more consistent temperatures offered with a variable-speed air conditioner and the best in thermostat home comfort technology, you can keep your home comfortable regardless of the season of the year.

Learn More from an HVAC Services Provider

If you’d like to learn more about variable-speed air conditioners and how they can help you maintain your home through lower relative humidity levels and receive better savings on your home utility costs, then now may be the time to speak to an experienced HVAC technician. With information on the latest variable-speed air conditioning systems, you know that you will be investing in your home as well as your future comfort. Talk to an HVAC services provider today to start enjoying this comfort tomorrow.