Best Rural Towns to Live in On Canada’s Atlantic Coast

No matter how huge and diverse a country is, its true beauty lies in its small and rural towns. While Canada has a bunch of happening places and metropolitan cities like Toronto and Montreal, one just cannot miss out on the old-world charm that the rural towns have to offer. Right from the spectacular seaside towns in New Brunswick and British Columbia to the tiny villages in Ontario and Quebec, there is so much to explore when it comes to the Canadian countryside.

So, let us discover some of the most stunning rural towns and villages on Canada’s Atlantic Coast where you can live in peace and tranquility:


A port town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Lunenburg is a quaint fishing village built in the 1750s. The little village was settled by German, Swiss, and French colonists, there is so much that you can explore here. Right from the vibrant wooden homes and buildings (painted so as they can be seen easily from boats), to the extraordinarily structured 19th-century churches and the huge ships docked along the coastline, you can never get enough of this sweet little town!


Nestled neatly on the south shore of Prince Edward Island, the rural town is located halfway between Charlottetown and Summerside. The town was founded and brought to life by the myriad of artisans who reside here. Enclosed by expansive fields of grain and potatoes, the village has hardly changed at all in the last 100 years or so. So, get ready with a quote from the best Los Angeles movers as you would want to relocate to this town as soon as possible.


Once known as the most important port in the world, Trinity has come a long way over the last few centuries. Now, a quiet and small town on Trinity Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its rich history. You are sure to enjoy its theatre, arts, architecture, and culinary excellence at its amazing museums, historic buildings, and art galleries that have been preserved since the 19th century. A bird’s eye view is all you need to understand the true beauty of this place. Maybe one from can help you.


If you wish to reside in a place that gives you ample opportunities such as whale watching, coastal hiking, and iceberg viewing then Twillingate is the best bet for you. Situated on and around the harbors and inlets of Newfoundland’s north-central shore, this place is known for its strikingly rugged coastline, vibrant and historical streets, and verdant countryside roads. Also, it is better to invest in one of the best snowcats to lead a comfortable life here at Twillingate.

These are some of the most remarkably quaint and rural towns that you can live in on Canada’s Atlantic Coast. And with these options, we have just scratched the surface since Canada has a plethora of amazing towns that you can explore. We hope we have inspired you and this will help you pick the best place where you can reside and weave some amazing memories.