Buying A Growing Child Their First Bed

Your little one is finally ready for a ‘big kid’ bed. This is an extremely exciting day. The trouble is, there is so much single bed furniture and a range of options to choose from it’s hard to decide on a perfect fit for your child.

This is a quick overview of all the most popular cheap beds available online. This article is to help you know your options and thus make a good buying decision. This article will also provide a few tips for buying your child’s bed.

Traditional Bunk Beds

The traditional bunk bed is simply two single-sized beds, one stacked over the other. This is ideal for smaller spaces as it leaves more room to play and move around than two separate single beds.

Some bunk beds come with drawers underneath the bottom bunk, which is also a great idea for a smaller space. Bunk beds are available in many themes and colours. Materials commonly used for bunk beds are natural wood and metal structures.

Kids love sleeping on the top bunk. If your child is a restless sleeper, you can get by safety rails for the top bunk. Bunk beds are not intended for smaller children. If the child is too small to climb to the top bunk unassisted, it’s not an innovative idea for that child to sleep on the top bunk.

Basic Loft Beds

Loft beds give you lots of room for creativity in your kids’ room. A basic loft bed is a single mattress suspended above a play area or study space. Therefore, you have lots of room for creativity; the room under the bed can be used for whatever you like. If your chosen bed does not come with a mattress, you can buy a cheap mattress online.

Some loft beds come with a slide which makes getting up in the morning lots of fun! They come in many themes and colours. They are available in metal and wood frames.

The single bed loft is also an excellent way to save space in a smaller child’s room. As with the basic bunk beds, it’s not a clever idea to allow a small child to sleep on a loft bed.

Novelty Beds

This type of bed can make a child’s bedroom the most fun room in the house. Novelty beds are the main attraction in a themed bedroom. Many times, children have a favourite book, movie, or TV show. The love for these characters is then transformed into a bedroom for the child.

Your imagination can come to life designing your child’s themed bedroom. Novelty beds are available in just about every theme you could think up. Some current popular novelty beds are the G.I. Joe bed complete with a slide and a tent. If your little girl likes dolls, why not surprise her with a dollhouse novelty bed.

Platform Bed

Platform beds are an excellent choice for transitioning kids into a bigger bed. These types of beds are generally closer to the ground and add a neat and organized appearance to the whole room.

Platforms are also available with storage room underneath for toys, clothes, or bed linens. Extra storage space in a child’s room is always a good thing as they accumulate things faster than adults.

Canopy Beds and Poster Beds

Canopy beds were originally made back in the Medieval days when parts of the ceiling would fall in the middle of the night. The poor people would use these types of beds to prevent the ceiling pieces from falling on their heads.

Later in the 16th century, the first four poster canopy bed was introduced and quickly became the favourite bed style of many noblemen and women. The curtains of the canopy bed were for added warmth and privacy. Nowadays, they are simple to make a little girl feel like a princess in a faraway world of her imagination.

Many modern canopy and poster beds provide drawers underneath or a trundle bed. This makes it great for girls’ night sleep overs or extra storage under the bed for clothes and bed linens.

Both the canopy and poster bed are made from wood and diverse types of metals. They both are a touch higher than traditional platform beds but still ideal for a child transitioning into a bigger bed.

Tips for Buying Your Childs’ Bed

Shop around. Don’t buy the first bed you see just because you can. Stores, online and in the physical world, have many sales every year on beds. Take advantage of these sales for tremendous savings.

Single bed furniture for children is required to uphold certain standards with safety and industry laws. Before you buy a new bed for your transitioning child, be sure the bed is labelled and in compliance with all laws.

Take the child with you to evaluate out the mattresses. Just like you wouldn’t want an uncomfortable mattress, neither does your child. Having a good mattress leads to a better night’s sleep and a less cranky kid. If your child is a bed jumper, it’s best to buy a sturdy mattress.

No matter what single bed furniture you decide to buy, your little one is growing up fast. Find a bed that fits your child’s personality, a bed that will grow with them for at least a few years to come.