Double Cleansing Skincare Method, The Organic Way

It is common knowledge that everyone must wash their face thoroughly before going to bed at night. Skincare experts believe that the foundation of a healthy skincare routine has a clean canvas. Once a person has learnt to choose the right organic cleanser and the process of cleansing, then their skin will benefit from other organic skincare materials that are applied on top. A good skin cleanser ensures that the skin barrier remains intact as it removes the oil build-up, dust, and other impurities from the skin.

When Must One Cleanse?

When people go outside, travel on roads, and do their work at home or in the office, dust particles, and dead skin cells get accumulated on the face. Therefore, they must cleanse at night to remove the impurities that have accumulated throughout the day. Washing one’s face, hands, and legs will allow the skin to repair and restore itself during the night freely. It is also recommended to cleanse in the morning, especially for those prone to developing acne, oily and dry skin. Applying organic skincare products like vitamins and serums with active ingredients would ensure that the skin thoroughly absorbs essential nutrients. Many people do follow the practice of washing their faces in the morning and at night. What many do not know is that they should cleanse their face twice, i.e., double cleanse.

What Is the Double Cleansing Skincare Method?

Double cleansing does not mean that they should wash their face twice with water. It is a skincare routine where one washes one’s face following specific steps. It involves:

1) Rinsing the face with water.

2) Applying a small amount of oil-based organic face cleanser onto their skin and emulsifying with water.

3) Massaging the face with fingertips covering the neck and the face in a circular motion, ensuring that all the make-up and dirt are removed.

4) Rinsing the entire area thoroughly to remove all the impurities mixed with the cleanser.

5) Repeating the steps with a water-based organic face cleanser to ensure thorough cleansing and absorption.

The double cleansing method incorporates two significant steps from the Korean multi-step skincare routine.

Benefits of Double Cleansing

1) Double cleansing method helps remove impurities accumulated in the skin and keeps the skin healthy and youthful.

2) It prevents bacteria and sebum from building upon the surface of the skin, hence reducing the risk of developing infections, flare-ups, and acne.

3) In the first step, the oil based-cleanser removes impurities that coagulate on oil like cosmetics, sebum, chemicals, oil-based residue, and dirt.

4) In the second step, the water-based cleanser removes debris like dirt, dust, smoke residue, and sweat.

5) Double cleansing helps clean up the skin’s pores, increasing the efficacy of other organic skincare products by assisting them in penetrating the skin.

6) Freeing the pores in the morning and the night allows the skin to breathe and replenish itself for a few hours.

7) People with dry skin can use this method using two gentle cleansers rather than one strong cleanser that might harm the skin’s surface. This method is particularly beneficial for them as it leaves some moisture on the skin’s surface after the thorough cleanse.

While choosing organic skincare cleansers, it is also essential to consider the type of skin and use a combination of hydrating cleansers to ensure maximum benefit.