Easy Home Renos For You This Summer


Now that summer has truly set in and the kids are out of school for the season it’s a fantastic time to think about some of those home renovation ideas that you have been putting off. School time is a busy time for everyone, what with ushering kids to and from school in the morning and afternoon, after school clubs, homework and not to mention your own jobs and having to take care of chores around the house. With the summer here it frees up some of your time, and if they’re going away to camp it’s even better as it gets them out of the way too, so you can get down to business on your home improvement jobs!

Click And Place Tile Flooring

You could hire someone to come in and replace your floor or carpeting but many people these day are opting for the easier installed click and place tile flooring. With carpet tiles available as well, there has never been an easier way to upgrade any flooring in your house. Whether it’s wood or tile, these click and place tiles make replacing flooring an easy breeze and many find they can often redo an entire room in just a few hours. Of course if you have a friend helping you, you could redo the flooring in a house in a day or two, perfect for when the kids are out of town visiting Grandma and Grandpa or at summer camp!

Deck Builds In Time For Summer

The long weekend may be over, but there’s still plenty of time to build yourself a deck. Decks are a great way to enjoy the lazy summer sun in style, with plenty of room for friends and family to kick back, relax and chow down on some delicious barbecued food. Depending on how big, high and detailed you want the deck to be, you can easily build one with the help of a friend or relative in under a week and for only a couple hundred dollars. Decks are one of the most favoured ways to enjoy the hot summer weather with friends, and for good reason. Something about a good deck just screams summer barbecues and lazy afternoons that slowly push toward evening.

A Lick Of Paint

Everyone knows that adding a couple coats of paint, especially if it’s a new colour, can really add vibrancy and a breath of fresh air to many spaces. If you find that you only have the time or budget for a small update or upgrade this summer, make it painting. With so many colours to choose from as well as finishes and even patterns if you’re feeling brave, it’s easy to see why many people are choosing to just give their spaces a lick of paint this summer as well. Add to that the fact that painting a room, especially if you’re only doing a feature wall, can be a matter of hours. Start in the morning and be enjoying your newly painted room by that evening!

So here you have a couple of great ways you can do up your house this summer for cheaper and easier than you might expect! So get started this summer with some DIY home changes that will leave your space feeling fresh and refreshed.