Five Cold-Weather Outdoor Activities For Kids & Parents

With Winter drawing closer it may be hard to think of outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy on these dreary days. Just because it isn’t 30 degrees and clear skies doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors playing the same board game for the 6th day in a row, there are still many alfresco pastimes that allow you to make the most of your soggy getaways or more Arctic weekends off. Here is a list of fun cold-weather outdoor activities for both kids and parents to enjoy.


Although everyone would prefer to be basking in the glory of Bondi Beach, surfing is a fun activity for any time and any place. Whether you own your own boards or hire them out, surfing is activity that is easy to learn and satisfying to master, and provides entertainment for the whole family. Wetsuits are advised in colder environments, but other than that no other specialist equipment is needed, so get your kids suited up, grab your board, and shred them gnarly waves.


If the ocean is nowhere to be found, canoeing is a great alternative to get your water-sporting kicks. Pair up with your kid and paddle to your hearts content, and if you do it well enough you can both stay completely dry! Canoeing can be both a relaxing and exciting sport, depending on how competitive you are with your family, so whatever mood you are in canoeing could be the activity for you.


If you are looking for a more cardio-intensive activity, outdoor cycling is a great way to spend your days off. Getting out on a bike can be satisfying for people of any age, and it allows you to exercise at the same time, a win-win for everyone. If you are looking for a more extreme hobby mountain biking is an exciting variant to your average cycle session, or if you fancy a more relaxing ride you could take a mini-road trip and see all that is on offer in the countryside, either way you can easily find a route that suites the whole family.

Rock Climbing

From entry level boulderers to nearly professional lead climbers, anyone can enjoy the thrill of outdoor climbing. Climbing has become a popular sport in recent years, so if the indoor gyms are becoming too crowded for your liking try an outdoor climbing centre, or if you have all the safety equipment go out on your own and find the perfect climbing spot for you and your relatives.


Hiking may arguably be the most straight forward of the activities on this list, as all you need is yourself and some sensible footwear. From gentle slopes to steeper ascents, hiking has a lot to offer you and your loved ones, and the peaceful nature of walking through the wilderness is a nice change to the hustle and bustle of modern life, so don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying the views on offer during your hike.