Flooring Styles That Will Make Cleaning Up After Your Family a Breeze

Kids can create big messes, but when you combine a bunch of school age children or toddlers with pets, light colored rugs and a terribly busy schedule, you are going to get nothing short of a disaster. That’s why forward thinking moms know that it is easier to keep their home clean when the they own the perfect type of flooring. Even if you don’t like the look of linoleum tiles, you can have a flooring installation expert come in and recommend something that can quickly get wiped clean without breaking your budget. Consider how hardwood floors would work in your living room instead of carpeting that has to be vacuumed on a daily basis. This is how you can choose a suitable flooring style that will make it possible for you to keep your home clean around the clock without sacrificing style.

Different Flooring Styles for Different Rooms

Ceramic tiles almost always compliment bathrooms, but they can also work very well in other rooms in your home that get plenty of use. If your children are still making a big mess at the dinner table, you may want to have tiles installed there so that staining does not become a long-term issue. In your children’s bedrooms, you might really benefit from hardwood floors as they will only need to be refinished once in a decade or so. You can put down mats or rugs on top of them to help protect your children from tumbles as well as protect your hardwood flooring.

Minimizing Your Cleaning Schedule

With certain types of flooring, you have to really work hard to keep it well preserved. Carpets need to be stain treated, vacuumed and then steam cleaned so that they stay in great shape. If you’re an active mom, it can be difficult to find enough time just to make dinner seven nights a week, so the idea of using your spare time to scrub carpets is likely not all that appealing. You should choose a flooring style that only needs a single cleaning method. Not only will you be able to clean up dust and crumbs in a few minutes, you won’t have to dread scheduling your next deep cleaning treatment.

How Much Is New Flooring Installation?

A lot of moms deal with constantly cleaning their existing carpets merely because they anticipate that professional flooring installation is going to be costly. Now, there are some people who are pretty handy and are capable of putting down their own hardwood floors or vinyl flooring strips, but the majority are smart to go to a licensed contractor. You will need to pay your flooring contractor for labor, but you can also get a good deal by choosing discounted materials. It could be that choosing a beautiful but discontinued brand of flooring could make the entire cost of installation go down substantially.

You can use a dishwasher to cut down on much of your required housework and drop your clothes off at a full service laundromat if you don’t feel like folding the laundry. Unfortunately, short of hiring a house cleaner, the floors are going to need to be scrubbed, mopped, swept and vacuumed if you want your house to stay clean. Make things a bit easier on yourself by choosing family friendly flooring.