How to Give Your Little Girl The Best Birthday Party Ever

If your little girl has a birthday on the horizon then you will no doubt want to give her an awesome party which she will remember. As you may or may not know I have a little girl and boy and I have always found that boys party ideas are far easier to come up with than girls. There are many themes which you can choose from for girls though and today I wanted to give you some ideas for how to give your little girl the best birthday party ever.


When it comes to the theme of the party you should look to base it on something that they are really into. This could be anything from a Princess-themed party to a Hello Kitty style event, a roller skating party or even something simple like a pizza party. Picking out a theme should be relatively easy and if your little girl is anything like mine, then they will likely tell you exactly what kind of party it is that they are after as the event approaches.

Fancy Dress

Whatever the theme of your party is, fancy dress really helps the whole event go off in style. Other parents may not love you for adding fancy dress to the party but they will make sure that their little ones are dressed to impress and the kids will absolutely love an excuse for getting dressed up for the day.

The Cake

The cake is a crucial part of your little girl’s party, as you get older the cake becomes a little more symbolic but for little ones with sweet teeth, a cake is essential. If you feel comfortable in the kitchen then you could knock up your very own cake for the party, incidentally I would recommend that you practice a few times first. Alternatively, if you want a really stylish cake then go professional, some of the cakes that people are creating these days are simply incredible and can perfectly fit whichever theme it is that you have decided upon.

Flowers and Decorations

Birthday flowers look great at a party and not only do they magically brighten up the occasion, little girls will adore them. There are lots of florists who will be able to create some beautiful flowers for birthdays and parties and they can even theme them around your event. Flowers can really help to brighten up a party, especially themed flowers and you should consider these for your upcoming event.

Regarding decorations, you will need to be as resourceful as possible when it comes to decorating the hall, room or garden that you have chosen as the destination of your party. If money is no object then you could hire planners to come in and fully decorate for your themed party, if you are trying to watch the pennies and still want to throw a great bash then look online for some budget ideas to help you out.