Gifts To Give Yourself This New Year’s Eve

The year is about to end and what a rollercoaster ride it has been. For a parent and especially mothers, pandemic stress has been off the charts ever since the end of 2019. There were massive shifts in dynamics and responsibilities as to raising your child in a completely isolated environment. For almost a couple of years, you took on the role of a teacher, medic, nurse, nanny, therapist, chef, and others apart from being an individual.

Parenting is gratifying and rewarding, but it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a hard time for us all. Even with a supportive spouse and family, there are a few experiences exclusive to mothers which can be challenging. However, as the year comes to a close, we hope things will start to hopefully improve. Until then, it is your responsibility to reward yourself for all the wonderful work you have done. Didn’t get yourself this Christmas? Well, there’s still time! Use these ideas to give yourself a pat on the back this New Year’s eve.

  1. Book a therapeutic massage: We’re sure all those bones and muscles must be aching with bending over backward running after your child. Stress and emotions often get trapped in your muscles and can cause soreness or stiffness if not addressed. Book a session for aromatherapy massage or any other healing massage. Acupuncture, deep therapy, reiki, sound healing, and others are a few names that you can research. Our physical bodies are closely linked to our emotional and spiritual well-being. By giving yourself a session to relax and unwind, you’re setting the precedent of treating yourself well, which will make a substantial difference in everything else you do. Investing in a massage chair can be a great way to encourage regular relaxation in your own home – check out some options here.
  2. Get yourself jewelry: Diamonds and bling are not always a girl’s best friend, but it sure does feel nice to wear beautiful accessories from time to time. Gift yourself a pair of luxury earrings, midi rings, or even an elegant necklace to show appreciation for all that you have accomplished in the year.
  3. Go on a shopping spree: Pamper yourself for the day and take yourself out shopping. You may be in need of a new wardrobe post-pandemic, or simply need to indulge in a little retail therapy to feel great. If you’re not fond of spending mindlessly, go out window shopping or take yourself on a treasure hunt to find hidden gems at quaint stalls.
  4. Join a day-long meditation retreat: Your spiritual health can make a huge difference in your outlook towards life. Meditation and mindfulness can bring you back to your body if you have been feeling “out of it” lately. A day-long retreat is just perfect for those who don’t wish to stay away from their home and children for the night, but if you’re open to getting a few days off, you can take up a longer retreat too!

Wrapping Up:

Many of us are stuck in the limited belief of not gifting ourselves when we deserve the best of everything. Turn the narrative and pour some gratitude back into yourself for everything you bring to the table!