Helping Your Daughter Get Celebrity-Ready For Homecoming

With homecoming just around the corner, chances are you’re already helping your daughter get into preparation mode. But, what does it really take to get ready for such a big occasion and how can you make sure your daughter will look like a top celebrity on her special night? Check out these tips that are sure to work their magic.

1. Prepping Two Weeks Before the Event

While you may think it’s a good idea to colour your daughter’s hair just before the big night, be sure to do it a couple of weeks beforehand so that there’s time to change or fix any mishaps. This is also a good time to schedule any hair treatments your daughter may need to ensure that her hair is shining on the night. This is also a good time to step up her exfoliation routine. Start with two or three times a week.

2. Three or Four Days Before Homecoming

By now, you may already have your daughter’s dress from or similar online retailers and you’ve had loads of time for any alterations. So, now is the time to pamper her skin so that she will look fresh and glowing on homecoming night. Book a hydrating and soothing facial and try to avoid chemical peels or extractions that could leave her looking rather blotchy. Make sure she is drinking plenty of water, too, since glowing and hydrated skin is the best red-carpet accessory.

3. The Day Before

If she has been looking after her skin and hair, there shouldn’t be too much to do the day before the big event, and there should be no reason to stress at the very last minute. So, take it easy, and even treat your daughter to a manicure and pedicure. Gel polish is great to avoid cracks and chips. If you forgot to book a facial or just don’t have the time for one, get your daughter a gentle hydrating mask to boost plump skin and brightness. Also, don’t forget to treat dry patches of skin if your daughter is going to be wearing a sleeveless blouse or dress. She must treat her ultra-dry spots like the elbows and heels with a body scrub at shower time. Then, follow with a moisturizer that has shea butter in it while her skin is still damp. Finally, cover the spots up with a cotton sock or glove overnight.

The next important thing is not to skimp on sleep the night before. Even if she is nervous, she needs to try and get her full eight hours if she wants to look celebrity-ready and rested. Also, avoid sugar and salty foods, and drink loads of water so she is not bloated.

Finally, we all know zits can pop up when we’re stressed – even for celebrities. But, if she gets a last-minute spot or two, try not to squeeze it. Instead, reduce inflammation by using a cold compress. You can wrap ice cubes in a paper towel and hold it onto the blemish for about five minutes, and then use an over-the-counter acne product with salicylic acid and sulphur to treat the area.

Follow this advice, and you’re sure to help your daughter be celebrity-ready for her big night!