Here is How To Fight a Stop Sign Violation!

You’ve been pulled over for running a stop sign and want to know what is next. This surprisingly common violation may seem cut and dry. However, you can fight stop sign violations. Whether you choose to tackle the ticket alone or hire professional ticket fighters, here are a few strategies you can use:

You Stopped Further Back

If you stopped a little before the limit line or sign, the police officer who pulled you over may not have seen you stopping. This is especially likely if the officer was off to the side of the road behind a bush or other common hiding spot. The police officer’s view may have been obscured, meaning he or she could not see you stopping.

To use this defense, request a copy of the officer’s notes. Additionally, take some photos of the area and possibly draw a diagram. The more evidence you gather you show that you stopped outside of the officer’s sight, the better your chances of success.

The Stop Sign Was Not Visible

There are stop signs all over the country, and not all of them are easily visible. If the sign was down or obscured from sight, you may be able to fight the ticket. Photographs or even videos showing that the sign is not easily visible will help your defense.

The Line Was Faded

If you stopped but not before the limit line, it may be because the line is faded. This can be a valid defense provided that you were otherwise driving safely. Again, visual evidence that the line was faded or obscured will greatly increase your chances of success.

Get Help

If you’ve received a stop sign ticket in California, consider hiring the best traffic attorney Santa Ana residents can find. A traffic lawyer will help you mount the most viable defense possible for your stop sign violation.