Home Décor- Style your Home

Is your home nicely decorated with perfect furniture but still feels kind of vanilla? Living in a modern housing but it feels gloomy? Maybe it’s the right time to redecorate your home. Don’t worry- there won’t be any major costs! You can just make small changes to freshen up your home. Spice up your home with below creative ideas and your wallet won’t get hurt!

Scent Candles – DIY

The use of scented candles in aromatherapy has proven to be a guaranteed way to relax, but using the same at home, creates a lovely and romantic atmosphere. Plus, you can make your own scented candles, instead of buying the expensive ones. All you’ll need is pre-waxed candle wicks, essential oils and candle colour blocks. Using a saucepan, melt your wax flakes by adding the drops of essential oils and colour blocks in it. Then, pour the mix in the container with the candle wick and in three hours, your homemade scent candles are ready! Place these in every room of your house, and feel the positivity.

Table Centrepiece- Rearrange

Did you know that you could create your own pretty glass vase? Grab some crafting materials and cheap glass objects like candlesticks and bowls. Take all the time you need and choose the perfect floral bouquet which adds value to your dining room, kitchen area and living room. Compliment these rooms by placing flower vases where it will be most seen. You can either buy artificial flowers which comes at a low price, or you could pick the flowers yourself if you have a garden.

Dining Area- Outdoor

If you already have a small outdoor garden, you can change the seating arrangement to make it look all new. Otherwise, you can create a little cosy spot outdoor where you can have your breakfast or dinner. You can go for wooden furniture or simply furniture which you have and which you think will look great outdoors. If you’re not sure about the style you would like to adopt, you might find some inspirations by playing some top games at Robin Hood Bingo. This top bingo site proposes a wide range of games like slots and bingo! You can find some decorative ideas as you play slot games – the backdrops, symbols and themes of the games will surely bring you some great ideas. Otherwise, you could as well collect the ideas from other players or chat moderators as you enjoy a good game of bingo!

Pillow Case- Design your own

Want something priceless and unique? Try designing your own pillow case! Just imagine how good it will feel resting on those pillow cases and knowing that no one else have the same! Creating your own pillow cases mean you can style these to match your home décor or you can craft these as you want. Different techniques you can use are stencilled, printed, embraided, stitched, needle-felted or edged.

Turn your house into a lovely home with these above ideas- you are the best when it comes to decorating your personal space!