How Are Dental Braces Repaired?

We all know that dental braces are used to straighten teeth that are growing in such a way to make the teeth crooked and uneven and they have come a long way since the traditional steel wire braces. We now have Invisalign clear plastic aligners that do the same job as wire braces, yet they can be removed when eating and what’s more, they are virtually invisible when worn.

Replacing Teeth Aligners

When you have your teeth straightened with Invisalign aligners, the dentist would replace the device every few months, changing the pressure that is exerted on specific teeth. In a typical 2-year course, the device might be changed 4-5 times, depending on the severity of the misalignment and in the event your aligner broke for any reason, dentists can make a replacement without a problem.

Ceramic or Wire Braces

It is possible that a bracket comes loose, in which case you should schedule a dental appointment as soon as is practically possible, especially if there is wire protruding, which could easily cut your lip or gums. This would be a minor task for any experienced dentists in Sydney or near you who have all the tools and equipment needed to repair the braces and to leave it for a period of time is never a good idea, as this could lead to incorrect pressure exerted on your teeth that might undo all the good work of the previous months.

Benefits Of Clear Plastic Aligners

There are many advantages for having Invisalign as opposed to the traditional wire braces, which include the following:

  • Can be removed when eating.
  • Are invisible when worn.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Easy to replace.

Many people mistakenly think that teeth alignment is strictly for teenagers, when in fact, people of all ages enjoy the benefits of a nicer smile, which really boosts your self-confidence. If you would like to learn more about aligners, make an appointment with your local dentist who can examine you to determine whether or not the treatment is suitable.

Emergency Situations

It is easy for braces to break while being worn and should this happen, you should make an appointment to see the dentist who fitted the braces and he or she can quickly carry out repairs, or create a replacement, whichever is easiest for the dentist. The dental expert would tell you how to take the best care of your orthodontic device when it is first fitted and he or she would ask you to make another appointment in a few weeks, to check that the device is doing its job.

If you would like a straighter smile, search online for a nearby dentist that specialises in orthodontics and he or she can carry out an oral examination to determine what can be done to straighten your teeth. If you are suitable for Invisalign, this is much preferred to traditional wire braces, for the above reasons, as well as the fact that a plastic aligner is less likely to malfunction.